My 5 Biggest Motherhood Fails

You wanna know what? I’m not a perfect mom and have failed at parenting more times than I can count! Not only am I not perfect, but I have failed at this thing called motherhood more times than I can actually count. But since we are counting, I thought I would give you my top five motherhood fails for you to laugh with me at. Some of these mistakes as a mom are scary, and some are pretty dang funny. I never like to pretend that I have my life together because I don’t. I am constantly learning and growing and I believe making mistakes is what propels us to do better.

So, here is my Youtube video that talks about my five biggest motherhood fails and I also included a little makeup tutorial to keep thing interesting. If you don’t want to watch the video version (though it’s pretty funny) here is my list of mistakes and failures. I mean, these are only five, let’s be real, I have so-many-more I could share, but I won’t because…time.

Austin, TX mom blogger Kendra Stanton shares her 5 biggest motherhood mistakes and fails as a mom.

    1. There was that time Wyatt escaped the house at 4 am when he was two years old. He stacked Tupperware and unlocked the deadbolt. The good news is that our neighbor happened to be outside and found him trying to get into our car. We learned (that early-freakin morning) that we needed a latch at the top of our door and also a home alarm system. I am SO THANKFUL that nothing happened to him and that he was quickly brought back inside.
    2. One time Zariah, my oldest, slipped out of the stroller in the grocery store and I ran over her (sort of). I felt a bump and heard her cry and instantly got shamed by a few moms around me. Zariah was one at that time, and yes, I felt like the biggest loser of all time.
    3. Another one with Zariah! She was sick and had a fever. I checked her temp, and it said 108. I instantly called 911 because I thought she was going to die and they told me to strip her naked and put her in a warm bath. They were asking if she was seizuring. I said no she was just happily playing in the tub. About two minutes later the paramedics and ambulance showed up, and I am bawling thinking she’s going to die and they check her temp…it was 100.8. I felt so dang stupid.
    4. Last one for Zariah. She’s my oldest, so, really, most things happened to her, unfortunately. She was two months old and crying like mad. I finally got her to sleep and shut her door…I was exhausted and fell asleep and forgot to turn the monitor on. I slept for four entire hours and woke up panicked because I hadn’t heard her crying. I ran into her bedroom and couldn’t find her in her crib. I yelled for her, and she started crying and guess where she was? She was wedged between the bumper and the crib with blankets on her. She could have died that day without a doubt, and since then, none of my other kids had bumpers, and I got rid of hers.
    5. Naomi, my middle daughter, has lived a pretty good life. I haven’t messed her up too badly! But, I have sent her to school in Halloween outfits and pajamas a few times thinking it was those dress up days. I had to bring her new clothes everyday time! She was so , and I don’t blame her.

So, Those were my five biggest motherhood fails. Your welcome to tell me yours…or just pat me on the back.




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