5 Effective Ways to Chase Your Goals and Dreams



We all have dreams and goals. We all have that picture in crystal clear HD of what our life is going to look like in in this season, as this happens, in ____________ of years, and it is invigorating. However after coming back to reality, how often do we feel overwhelmed not by what lies ahead but in the limited amount of progress we have made so far? I don’t know about you, but some of my greatest dreams, desires and goals seem so close, yet so far away. It’s as if they are messing with me by just being out of reach. These are the moments your brain feels like it’s going to explode in frustration.

Whether it is the vacation you want to take, the school you want to attend, the healthy relationship you crave, the experience you want to have in this lifetime, the emotional wound you want to repair, the better life you want to have for yourself and your family, the weight you want to lose, or the career you have always wanted, dreams and goals can become a reality as long as you accept the challenge to make it happen. As you know this challenge will be difficult, not impossible.

So here are five things to remember as you pursue the possible:


  1. Write It Down & Post It Up: It has been that “vision leaks.” Therefore we need to do everything to continually fill our vision. This is why seeing it daily will keep you focused on the finish line.
  2. Break It: All of us have had hurtful words spoken over us. All of us can agree with the children’s saying that sticks and stone can break our bones. All of us disagree with the saying that words will never hurt me. We all know they do, but rarely do we know how much damage they truly inflict. If one of the reasons why you feel like you can’t pursue your dreams is based off of someone’s hurtful words to you, you need to break free and move on. I know this is easier said than done, but you have the power to choose if those words (no matter how fresh or old) will continue to effect you. Some of the best advice I ever received was that some people will make a decision in a moment to hurt you. But you have power in every moment after that to choose if you are going to continue to let them hurt you again or not. You don’t have to accept the things they say about you. Don’t allow someone or especially someone’s words dictate what you are going to do with you life. You are the only one who determines you dreams and what you will become. You are unique. You are gifted. You have what it takes.
  3. Be Inspired: Read books, blogs, scriptures, poems and anything else that would combat negativity and inspire you to press on. One of my favorite inspiring verses is: “I can do all thing’s through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 and I believe that with all my heart.
  4. Make Friends: Perhaps the best thing you can do when pursuing your goals is to be around like-minded people who are also chasing their dreams. As your friendship deepens, build accountability and hold each other to it. For example: if you are trying to get in shape, don’t just join a class at the gym but as you connect, share your goals with others in the class and ask them to help you be accountable to being there. If you are trying to be a successful blogger, join some on-line groups with encouraging like-minded people who are generous with their knowledge and skills.
  5. One-Foot-Forward: Do something, anything, today that will help you achieve your dreams and goals for tomorrow. You need to see the goal, make steps to achieve it, and know that you most likely aren’t going to get there in one day. So whether it’s purchasing a website name, getting a membership at the gym, creating a work space for yourself, finding a counselor, or stashing away your first dollar for a dream vacation, start today. Actually start right now.

Every human being has a choice to pursue his or her dreams.  I believe that the key is to think long-term, and to not get overwhelmed and discouraged in the process. There will be bumps along the way, the odds might be stacked against you, and you might even fall. But get up, don’t give up and understand this is the same process we all go through.


Have a great “Self-Confidence Saturday!”



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