5 Essential Back To School Items

5 Back To School Wardrobe Essentials


Back to school is just around the corner, and that usually means a little “back to school” shopping. But just because your child may want to stay with the latest and hottest trends, doesn’t mean they have to break your bank. Let’s look at how we can recycle old trends while incorporating a few new ones.


1. Skinny Jeans (recycled trend)- A good pair of jeans (or two) is a must for any season as they can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with casual flats. Skinny jeans have certainly retained their rank in the jean market, which means you can recycle this trend into this year’s essentials. One hot twist to this trend is to add in a little color, try red skinny’s paired with a neutral t-shirt.


2. Classic Coat (recycled trend)- Here in Oregon we don’t have the luxury of walking outside to bright blue sky’s everyday, so unless you like to be freezing cold, a good coat is definitely an essential item that usually is a good investment. But you don’t need to feel frumpy rocking your coat, for light and casual day’s, choose a structured blazer to wear over a t-shirt with jeans and flats. For those cold days, choose a mid length pea coat that defines the waist offering style, warmth, and versatility.


3. Flat Shoes and Boots (Recycled Trend)- Heels just aren’t a good option for someone rushing from one class to the other for 8 hours a day. Fortunately for us, flat shoes like the popular TOMS and flat riding boots are all the rage this school season and both can be dressed up or dressed down.


4. Comfy T’s (recycled trend)- You just can’t get away from a good t-shirt! They are always in style as they can be paired with long fashion necklaces, tucked into high wasted skirts, worn under a trendy cardigan, or just simply pared with some of your favorite jeans. You can find them plane, with trendy patterns, or cute graphics. Any way you rock them- it’s a must have.


5. A Few Fashion Pieces- Not everything in your wardrobe needs to be a classic- spice it up by incorporating a few items that keep you in the latest trend. Prints are a hot trend right, (as our wonderful fashion blogger, Becca told us on a previous post here) and can be incorporating into a blouse, a t-shirt, a sweater, or a purse. You can find these fashion trends at just about anywhere you shop and on anything (seriously) you are shopping for.

Remember- it is most important to buy items that will last beyond the school year, but it’s still fun to be in “the know” on hot trendy topics.


By: Kendra Stanton

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