5 Favorite Spring 2013 Makeup Collections

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Although we have a ways to go, I can still dream that outside my window there are trees blooming with delicate pink petals—despite the fact that our city currently suffers from a grey, gloomy blanket in the sky and barren trees. Another reason to anticipate spring? There are a a plethora of makeup collection coming our way with bright poppy shades that will turn any grey day into a vibrant one. So here are my top 5 picks so far in the makeup department for Spring 2013. What is yours?


 Of all the amazing products Lancome has created, this young and hip spring collection is by far my favorite. I love all of the bold colors that dare me to be un-afraid to strut some blue-ish green shadow this season.



As much as I like the bold colored options this spring, it is nice to have a softer and more refined look to choose from. Chanel as usual has created their signature look that is very refined and elegant. It is very bridal-esc to me…anyone else?


I have a slight makeup crush on NARS. I am digging their more rock star slant to spring as apposed to the usual pastille. My one and only problem with this collection is that I want it all in my kit. Can you blame me though?


YSL is definitely staying with traditional spring shades: soft blues, pinks and greens.  While I am not typically drawn to Pastille shades, these ones are played out beautifully. I am entirely obsessed with the lipstick shade.

Sadly this collection has not made its debut! It was tweeted by Allesandra Steinherr as a sneak peak and I found it on…chicprofile.com!

Burberry Siren Red Runway

Simple and chic is what first comes to my mind with the Burberry Red Siren spring 2013 makeup collection.  With that said,  this sexy look is very statement forward with red lips being all the rage. If you don’t feel comfortable rocking red lips yet, try wearing it as a stain. You can’t go wrong.

Now that you know my picks- I want to know yours!

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