5 Spring Nude Lipsticks for Pale Girls I Love

Here are my favorite spring nude lipsticks for pale girls like myself in 5 different shades. It’s actually a little hard to find a good natural tone lipstick that doesn’t look too dark when you are butt pasty white and look like a glow in the dark stick when the lights go off. I am an avid wearer of SPF, so, my skin stays pretty light all year round. All of these 5 nude lipstick shades are stunning for spring and I’ve swatched them all so you can check them out for yourself.


Best nude and Spring natural lipstick shades for pale girls with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra StantonI went through my lipstick collection and found that half of them were nudes and natural shades and the other half flaming red and bright magenta.  I feel like that says a whole lot about my personality as an introvert/extrovert. Anyways, my most worn, most favorite Spring Nude Lipsticks for Pale Girls are swimming in my multiple handbags. Shockingly, I don’t have a purse-friendly makeup bag that can be transitioned from one bag to the next. So, that means that all of my nude lipsticks are hanging out at the bottom of my purse where random thing’s like hair ties, receipts, and gum wrappers live. Yes, the inside of my purse is exactly what you are thinking it is; a portable trash-can that has a mix of garbage and expensive things I would be sad to lose.

Get the top spring natural lipstick shades for pale girls that are a coral nude color with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

I have a crush on spring nude lipstick for pale girls because it’s honestly hard to find good ones. Most of these have a slight peachy tone to them which surprisingly looks good on most lighter skin tones. I also love that nudes and natural lipstick colors go with any and all makeup looks. You can wear an ultra-nude lippy with a gorgeous, sexy smoky eye look or an all-natural, “hey girl, I didn’t wake up like this, but I’m going to say that I did” look which is typically called the “no makeup, makeup look”. I know I just made that super complicated. My point is, natural colors for lips can be good for so many different styles and you can truly make the look amplify whatever style and trend you gravitate towards.

5 Spring Nude Lipsticks Shades for Pale Girls I Love

Alright, now that I’ve spilled my guts on the lipstick situation, here are the nude colors that I have worn so much that they are indented with my lip shape. Well, except for the lipsticks with stick applicators.

  1. Maybelline Super Ink in Poet
  2. Urban Decay in Stark Naked
  3. Urban Decay in Fuel
  4. Beautycounter in Petal
  5. PIXI Liquid Lip in Pastel Petal

Gorgeous nude and natural lipstick shades for pale girls with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

5 Spring Nude Lipsticks Swatches

Here are 5 spring nude lipsticks and their swatches for you to check out and see how they look on my arm. From the top of my arm (towards my hand) to the bottom I have Maybelline Super Ink in Poet, Urban Decay Stark Naked, Urban Decay Fuel, Beautycounter in Petal, PIXI Liquid Lip in Pastel Petal. All have different consistencies and pigmentation, but, as you can see, a similar vibe for the nude lipstick shades. So, If you are looking for the best natural lipstick colors for pale girls, let’s talk about it.

  1. Maybelline Super Ink in Poet: This is a matte ultra-long-wear lipstick that stays on forever. It’s super long wear and doesn’t budge if you sip coffee, eat a sandwich, or smooch your kids on the cheeks. (Price Tag  $7.99)
  2. Urban Decay Stark Naked: Not super shiny and not super matte will get you a formula called Comfort Matte. This is a light nude shade that looks stunning on pale skin tones. It has a light peach undertone to it which is gorgeous for Spring and Summer. (Price Tag $22)
  3. Urban Decay Fuel: This nude lipstick shade is a warm peachy nude and it’s probably my most worn of them all. It has a satin finish and leaves your lips with this gorgeous, luscious lip-look. It certainly doesn’t stay on all day…most satin formulas don’t! But, it’s so pretty. (Price Tag $22)
  4. Beautycounter Petal: Where are my non-toxic beauty babes at? This is a sheer and light pink nude lipstick shade you’re going to love! I have worn this so-much and it’s also been a repeat buy for me too. This lipstick is not going to last a super long time on your lips, but, it’s so dang pretty and it’s safe for you too! (Price Tag $34)
  5. PIXI Liquid Lip in Pastel Petal: Get this lippy formula if you want full coverage and this nude lipstick shade if you like a natural peachy/mauve color for Spring. I think it’s absolutely stunning and even better, this won’t dry out your lips! Plus, the price is fantastic! (Price Tag $14)


Peachy natural lipstick shades for spring with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Do you have any Nude Lipsticks that you love? I just wanted to give you guys a few spring nude lipsticks for pale girls that are in my purse and on my lips multiple times a week. They are my go-to picks!

Have a fantastic day!



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