5 Summer Accessory Must Haves

Summer is here! Did you notice? When the sun comes out, so do the fun summer accessories! With the longer summer days you need your accessories to do double duty from the morning coffee on the beach to dinner. Today I will share my top 5 favorite accessories of summer, straight out of my own closet to you!


1. Giant Sunhat: Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most essential parts of skincare year round {thank you Kendra for teaching me that}. A sunhat can provide that extra UV coverage and give you some definite added glam. Choose one in a plain color like black or tan so it goes with everything.

2. Detailed Sunglasses: I love giant sunglasses but the key to finding a good pair for you is to match the frames with your face shape. Round faces look better in geometric shapes that sharpen face features. Square faces need rounder frames to even out jaw lines. Oval faces can wear almost anything as long as the frame doesn’t drown their face. Heart shaped faces need bottom heavy frames. I love this pair of glasses because they are huge and have awesome gold detailing on the side that makes them versatile to different settings.

3. Small Purse: What else do you need on the beach but your lip balm anyway? This purse is so tiny, but I am way too obsessed with it. Trend alert on this bright shade of yellow, it is fun for summer and gives pop to a more plain outfit. I chose this purse as well because it has a cross-body strap because I hate carrying a clutch. The miniature saddle bag style is an added bonus.

4. Neon Earring: This post should’ve been called, “I heart yellow like nobody’s business post.” I do love yellow and my dad is the guilty party on that one because he always bought me yellow clothes growing up, he said to match my hair. Anyway,  neons are all over the place this summer. An easy way to embrace this trend it to incorporate neons into your wardrobe in small doses. A great pair of neon chandelier earrings can get look great hiding if you let down your beach-babe locks or will pop out from an up-do.

5. Long Pendant Necklace: Choosing this necklace is sort of cheating because it has been dubbed by my husband as my security blanket because I wear it with everything. A long necklace can create such a beautiful line on any outfit because it draws your eyes vertically. I love the gold and black contrast on this piece because it will pop out against all the bright summer colors.

Enjoy the sun and grab something neon!

xoxo-Becca Pickrel

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