Skin & Bare It: 6 Tips for Embracing Your Skin Type

Hey guys! Today I have a fantastic guest blogger who is sharing with you 6 tips for embracing your skin type! Audrey is a skincare nut turned blogger who secretly cares more about moisturizer than makeup. She specializes in unique skincare formulas during the day (and bad reality TV at night.) Check out her countdown of the most cringe-worthy vintage beauty ads on her blog, Vain Pursuits.

My complicated relationship with my skin began with my first sunburn. As a little girl on the beach, I turned lobster pink while my beautifully tanned mother sunbathed away. Over time, I came to appreciate the beauty benefits of my translucence. Not being able to tan left me with no choice but to be an avid sun protection user, which is lucky since I have no self-control. With that said, I came to appreciate the fact that although my skin was pale, at least Dark lipsticks come across particularly striking on my complexion. You see? There is a positive.

learning to embrace your skin type

If you’re currently struggling to embrace your skin tone for all its oily/combo/pale/olive/dark/freckled glory, keep these tips in mind the next time you look in the mirror:

  1. Everybody wants what they can’t have. Women in India spend millions on skin-lightening creams while pale girls in Wisconsin bake in tanning salons. Whether you wish you were lighter or darker, you can pretty much bet there’s someone out there who wished they looked like you.
  2. If you want to stray from your natural shade, think first about why you’re doing it. Are you just curious and think of it as a fun beauty experiment? Or are you doing it in the hopes of making others happy? Your body is yours from head to toe, and your skincare choices should always be made in the name of love & care. Be smart about how you care for it – it’s yours for a lifetime.
  3. Is your skin naturally dry as the desert? Think of all the moisturizers you get to try! From custom blends to organic ingredients, your dry skin can enjoy skincare decadence in ways normal skin wouldn’t even bother with. By the same token, oily skin provides you with a natural glow and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Try to remember there’s something good in every skin type.
  4. Freckles, beauty marks, and moles are what separate the raw & natural from the Photoshopped. Try to imagine Kendra without her signature beauty mark – she just wouldn’t be the same! In a world of airbrushed faces, these facial details make you decidedly real. Love the quirks that define you.
  5. If you’re pale, that ain’t changing, so you might as well make the most of it. Drink lots of water, slather on SPF, wear sunglasses outside and use a chic cover-up on the beach. Gorgeous skin at 50 is worth a pale beach bod in your 20’s.
  6. If your acne is getting you down – and I know from experience how much it can – think of it as a chance to put your scientist hat on. You don’t necessarily need a dermatologist to begin diagnosing your skin problems. Doing your own research online can take you a long way in fixing your skin issues, and there are communities of smart people out there wanting to help. Just make sure you ignore any acne solutions involving baking soda & lemon. Always.

How do you embrace your skin’s little quirks?

Written by: Audrey of Vain Pursuits

Have a great day you guys!

xo, Kendra


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  • HA, vitamin C serums, lots of moisturizer, SPF, collagen/HA capsules, and eating vegetables! Wish I’d listened to my mom and skipped the tanning as a teen and 20-something!

    • I would definitely be tempted to tan if I had the ability! It sounds like you’re making up for lost time, so I wouldn’t fret too much (and anyway, I think you look great!)

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