6 Ways to Help With Anxiety on a Daily Basis

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Before I get started on today’s post, I wanted to let you know that I am switching up Saturdays and steering away from external beauty by focusing on what I will coin as #SelfConfidenceSaturday. This doesn’t mean that every saturday is going to be about gaining self confidence, but more about how we can be more healthy in a physical, spiritual, and mostly mental way (which in-turn, creates more self confidence). I hope you guys all join the conversation and even share your stories with me. Today we are talking about how to deal with anxiety; something I have struggled with for years. I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if this is something you are going through, I totally get it and understand.

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This past year has been a crazy one bringing out anxiety in an extreme way that has really rocked me. Have you ever had it?  I have always had anxiety a little bit, like when answering a phone call, dialing a phone call, showing up on set to a new makeup job, visiting family, going on tv, not getting enough blog hits, feeling like a bad mom, and the list goes on. Okay, yeah, you can say I have/had a problem. But, I didn’t know that that was abnormal until it came to a complete blow out.

The story goes like this: I am walking through Target stalking the clearance aisle like a crazy person (per usual) with my husband and kids when out of no where everything starts going bazurk. My heart starts racing as if it’s going to jump out of my chest, my hands were shaking, my head was spinning and I felt like I was having a hot flash. Then on top of all of that I am doubled over, ugly-crying in a for-real way in the center of the Target aisle. Awesome.  It was pretty embarrassing. Thank the Lord for my husband who was there.

Honestly though, I should have seen this coming. I have a husband, 2 small kids, I was planning our move from Oregon to Texas, finishing up a book (comes out in November), working, blogging, working, blogging, and was about to find out that I was expecting my 3rd baby that I unfortunately miscarried at 10 weeks.

With that said, I had a melt down and realized I needed a new way of doing life. It was during this time that I realized that I couldn’t do everything. I am not super-woman, although Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and culture all tell me I should be. That’s too much pressure, it’s too unrealistic and it was time to change. Don’t get me wrong, I am someone who likes to be on-the-go, enjoys working and I adore my family, but I needed to figure out a way to function in the midst of the madness. So here are 6 things that have helped me deal with my anxiety on a daily basis.

  1. Pray, meditate: For me, praying and meditating on verses in the Bible is not only healing, but it calms me down (Phil. 4:6-7 are my fav’s.). Perhaps you are not spiritual, or maybe you are in a different way… either way, take some time to focus your heart and your mind on something positive (a scripture, a poem, maybe an inspirational quote) in a quiet space.
  2. Deep Breaths: Taking deep rhythmic breaths always helps to bring my heart rate down when I can sense panic rising in me.  So if you are feeling panicked, pause for a moment and take 5 deep breaths.
  3. Eliminate stressors: If there is something that is a daily stress that can be fixed, fix it! For example: I tend to be a messy person, so coming up with organizational systems has really helped keep my home more peaceful and less chaotic. Plus, I can find things better.
  4. Exercise and Be Healthy: I found that when I am taking some time to work out each day and eat healthier food options, my overall well being goes up and I am in a happier mood.
  5. Stop Comparing: There is only one you. Stop comparing yourself to pretty Pinterest pics, really cool status updates, and perfectly posed Instagram photos that make you feel like a failure.  You are you… and you are enough.
  6. Medication: You may have a different view on medication than me and that’s fine. For me, it allowed me to work through what was causing me anxiety without getting anxiety about having something that was causing me anxiety. Get it?

I have created a little graphic for you below that would be great for you to print out and put up in your room, on your mirror, or at work so that you have a friendly reminder of what to do when you feel like your panic and anxiety is taking over. I hope you enjoy this and that it becomes useful to you.

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So if you are someone who struggles with anxiety like me, I really hope that these tips help you in dealing with it. Anxiety is no fun and it’s a real thing. If you know someone who has dealt with or is dealing with what I have been going through, please do me a favor and share this post with them. I think people need to know that anxiety happens and that they are not alone.

Have a great day you guys!



note* I am not a professional in any way when it comes to anxiety and stress relief. I am giving tips based off of personal experience, trial and error. Please seek professional help and guidance from a well equipped professional for dealing with your anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.



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