70+ Teen Girl Gifts Under $25 on Amazon

Have a teen girl? Here are a few gifts under $25 on Amazon that she’ll love for her birthday, holiday, or just because. I wanted to give you some cute gift ideas for your high-school or middle school girlfriend/daughter/granddaughter that curate really well together for a basket or a stand alone present that won’t break the bank. Plus, most everything here is free shipping for prime members. So, if you don’t have the time to shop and find the perfect teenage present, here are some budget-friendly options you can rush order when you on a time crunch.

Since I was a teen once, I know that shopping for one can be a total nightmare. If you thought shopping for women was rough in 2019, how about a teenager? Ahem, especially when you are on a raging budget. Am I right?

Or even if you’re not on a budget and just want to put together a gift basket of super cool, maybe quirky, trendy, and cozy gifts–here is an epic list of all the gift options she will love under $25!

Here are the best gifts for teenage girls:

Birthday gift ideas for teen girls under $25!

Teen girl gifts on Amazon that she'll be obsessed with for birthday, holiday and more!

Okay, so her birthdays coming up and you’re like….”I legit have no idea what to get.” –That’s fair my friend. Which is why this entire post is LIT (stepping into teen vibes) with gift ideas under $25 I promise she will love.

  1. Nude Lip Gloss
  2. Gold Cell Phone Stand
  3. Pineapple Earrings
  4. Arrow Ring
  5. Pink and Black Hoodie
  6. Fluffy Slippers
  7. Ceramic Pineapple Jewelry Holder
  8. Leather Tassle Keychain
  9. I Phone Case
  10. Hold Me Pencil/Lipstick Case
  11. After This We’re Getting Pizza
  12. Your Future Looks Bright Note
  13. Rainbow Travel Pillow
  14. Drying Lotion
  15. Adidas Mini Backpack
  16. Love Yourself Bracelet

Trendy gifts for teen girls under $25 on Amazon

Top teen gifts for teen girls under $25 for birthday, holiday, and more!

This brings back some major teen girl vibes. I’m having flash backs friends! Except, these gift ideas are actually way cooler than what we had going on “back in the day”. Beauty Blender knock offs, fanny pack, pimple patches, and the coolest hair clips of ever? Yes please. I’m not a teenage girl anymore–but I’d gladly take any of these as a gift too. Just being honest.

  1. Real Techniques Makeup Sponge
  2. Friendship Bracelet
  3. Resin Hair Clips 
  4. Pimple Patch
  5. Good Vibes T-Shirt
  6. Getting it Done Necklace
  7. Compliment Pencils
  8. NYX Eyeshadow Palette
  9. Rose Gold Ring Set
  10. Remington Hair Curler
  11. Herschel Fanny Pack


Cute Gifts for Girls Under $25 on Amazon

Check out these gifts for teen girls under $25 in both beauty, tech, style, and more by beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

These cute gift ideas will totally make any teenage dream girl give you an actual hug for winning at life. Or at least in the gifting department. Cutest beanie that’s got that “cool vibe” to it, makeup brushes that are legit, and scrunchies! What else does a teen female want these days?

  1. Grey Block Sweater
  2. Pink Makeup Brushes
  3. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
  4. Lip Balm Pack
  5. Disposable Camera
  6. Necklace
  7. Billabong Beanie
  8. Bluetooth Speaker
  9. Gel Nail Polish Kit
  10. Scunni Scrunchies
  11. Felt Letter Board

Beauty and Makeup Gifts for Teen Girls Under $25 on Amazon

Teen beauty and makeup gift ideas for girls on Amazon with prime under $25!

Have a “she teen” totally into the beauty situation. Just indulge her…please. Here’s my confession: I had an addiction to beauty products since -1 days old. It’s a real thing to have a love for beauty product, stuff, and things. So, just go wild in your gifting…a beauty addict can never have too much. Take it from me, I have an entire office dedicated to my beauty stash of nail polish, skincare, makeup, and more. Trust me, beauty products as a gift idea for a teen is a major win. –And the win for YOU is that everything here is under $25.

You’re welcome.


    1. Erase Your Face
    2. Eyeshadow Palette
    3. Wet Cherry Gloss
    4. Conair Double Ceramic Straightener
    5. Fit Me Foundation
    6. Facial Cleansing Brush
    7. Hair Scalp Massager
    8. Makeup Case
    9. Remington Curling Wand
    10. Makeup Brushes
    11. Beauty Blender
    12. Anti Heat Pad for Curling Wands and Straighteners
    13. Zoya Nail Polish Set


 The Coolest Gifts Ideas for Teen Girls Under $25 on Amazon

Teen girl gift ideas for birthdays, holidays and more all under $25 on Amazon.

Want to get your teen girl a gift on Amazon that is epically “cool”. We’ve got letter light boxes, custom name necklaces, a beauty box subscription for only $10! Yeah…you heard that right. Here is the full list of teen girl gifts under $25 that are super cool that she will also be pumped for.

  1. No Bad Days Cup
  2. Allure Beauty Box Subscription 
  3. Personalized Name Necklace
  4. Selfie Ring Light
  5. Cinema Light Box
  6. Resin Hair Clips
  7. Portable Charger
  8. Charcoal Face Mask Packets
  9. Stick on Wallet for Cell Phones
  10. 4 in 1 Curling Wand


Cozy Gifts for Teen Girls Under $25 on Amazon

Cozy and warm gift ideas for teen girls under $25 and on Amazon!

I mean, I’ll gladly take any of these cozy teen gift ideas under $25 on Amazon. These gift ideas are warm, cozy, comfy, and will make any teenage girl feel spoiled and pampered. Plus, everything here is budget friendly and FREE shipping too. I know you’re happy about that. Right?

  1. Sleepy Girl Jammies
  2. Cozy Candle
  3. Fuzzy Slippers
  4. Rechargeable Hand Warmer
  5. Cozy Scarf
  6. Cozy Blanket
  7. Cozy Socks
  8. Bath Bomb
  9. Cozy Pink Billabong Beanie
  10. Sherpa Sweater

Did you find anything you like here for a gift idea? I found many thing’s that I want here. Is that weird? Am I going to become one of those old ladies stuck in an era and acting 19 at 36?

Anyways- happy gifting and hope these gift ideas helped you out!




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