800 Fan Giveaway for TWO Winners!



Okay, so today I decided to have the giveaway be for two winners…so here is what the two prizes are for two lucky winners.

Do you like my coordinating skills? First place winner will receive the a Full Size Too Faced Lash Light Mascara in Black and the lovely Purple Panic (neon) nail polish by China Glaze! Are you excited? Me too! This first place giveaway prize value is $32.00. (all items purchased by me, Kendra)

For the second place giveaway winner, you will receive the Urban Decay Shadow Potion Primer and the Peachy Keen Nail polish by China Glaze. This prize has a value of $25.00. (all products purchased by me, Kendra)



-To be eligible for this Giveaway, you must either subscribe to this blog, Follow us on Facebook or Twitter( @citizenofbeauty).

-Introduce yourself to the person who comments above you and tell them your best beauty secret. If you are the first to enter, introduce yourself to ME! 


(you must let me know in the comment section please if you do additional entries…thx)

-Tweet this giveaway linking this giveaway and using @citizenofbeauty.

-Share on Facebook and tag the citizens of beauty fan page in the post.


And just because I am random…I thought I would post a little Q&A I did with Amy Childs of Onedivineparty.com for her blog. It was an honor!

If you had 2 weeks to go anywhere, where would you go vacation?

My ultimate dream vacation would be hanging out in Bora Bora for a good long stretch with my husband.  I have always been drawn to the secluded huts that sit atop the ocean; they seem so romantic and yet adventurous.  I think I would spend my time lounging, soaking up the sun (with loads of sunscreen and a hat of course), sipping on some fruity drink and definitely scoring a massage. But it’s not just relaxing; there is tons of stuff to do in the water like snorkeling, kite surfing and going on Jet Ski’s. Although I am terrified of fish biting my toes for some weird reason (no I have never been bit by a fish), I would face my fear and go snorkeling…especially in the waters of Bora Bora.  Oh, and we can’t forget that the Kardashians did make it their family vacation, that counts for something right?


What is the weirdest thing that you and I both do?

Well, over the past 6 months of knowing Amy, we have discovered that we are oddly similar in many ways. For starters, we are both messy, disaster seems to follow us when it comes to keeping our homes clean and organized. Because of this, we lose things often (several times a week), like wallets, keys, credit cards, and anything else you can imagine. But don’t worry; we are not like that when it comes to our businesses. For some reason, in that area we are control freaks so it works. And oddly enough, we both enjoy drinking pickle juice. Don’t ask. Just know it’s real good and you should probably try it.


What makes you interested in someone as a friend?

I am an authentic person, what you see it what you get. So I usually am drawn to people that are just genuine, who are able to relax, have a fun time and yet be open to experiencing life together which means going through the good, bad, and the ugly. There is a verse in the Bible that talks about friends sharpening each other like iron sharpens iron.  That right there say’s it all, I look for that.


Currently you are pregnant, have you had any weird cravings?


There have been a few cravings. I don’t know if they are weird…but they are definitely real. A few day’s ago I ate an entire jar of pickled asparagus in a ½ hour…my mouth is currently watering at this moment.  I am really in to Deviled Eggs and would like to run to the store right now to buy some pepperchinis and chomp the whole jar down. Yumm.


What Celebrities fashion sense do you identify with?

I feel like my style tends to shift depending on my mood and the color of the sky that day. But the celeb that I identify most with when it comes to her fashion choices is definitely Nicole Richie and her Bohemian-care free yet totally put together fashion sense. When you are short and small framed, the Bohemian look can sometimes take over your frame and make you look sloppy, but somehow it never does on her. I kind of want to pull a heist and hi-jack her clothes and her stylist. But since I can’t, I have to say that Leanna NYC in the Pearl District has some fabulous choices that are totally Nicole Richie.


Are there any tv shows that you find yourself abnormally loving these days?

Unfortunately there are a few that I absolutely love. Mad Men is at the top, Suburgatory, Modern Family, and I am a sucker for anything on the Investigate Discovery channel. I am a huge “investigational” nerd. If I wasn’t so totally confident that being a makeup artist is what I am suppose to do, I think I would go into Forensics.



Describe your perfect normal day.

I think it would start out by sleeping in until 10am, which is a novelty with a toddler. Then my little fam bam and I would go down to PDX, grab a coffee from our favorite coffee shop Baristas, and go walk through as many boutiques as we could until our daughter has had enough and we need to take her to a park to play. We would grab our favorite snacks from Traders Joes and have a pick-nick for lunch and then drop baby girl off with grandma so the huz and I could actually go on a date! Any date with my husband makes the day perfect, so it could literally be anything and I would be happy.


Name 3 random facts about Kendra.

1. If my husband is out of town I have to sleep with a light on…I am still scared of the dark. 2. I am obsessed with the Hallmark channel during the entire Christmas season, which starts the day after Thanksgiving for my family. It drives my husband INSAIN! 3. As a child I was a total performer. I would write songs, and perform them for my family and friends at any moment possible. This may or may not have continued on into my high school years. I even went so far as to fill family friends voicemail boxes with a complete impromptu recording sesh for them to hear (I was 7 at that time). Oh- and I kind of thought I was Mariah Carey, enough said.


If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

I think I have written this response ten different times because I keep finding the “con” that goes with having that super power. For instance, I would love the ability to read minds, but then again, I really don’t want to know what’s going on in everyone’s head…that would way to depressing. If I could just tap in to peoples minds and find out what they were thinking at selective moments then that might work. But ultimately I will have to go with the Superman effect and be a flyer. Other than potential bugs flying in my face, you can’t go wrong with this super power.


Giveaway will end May 30th, 2012 and at 9pm PST. You three different ways to enter. You must be 18 years of age and live in the continental US to enter this giveaway.   A winner will be selected through random.org on May 31st 2012 and the winner will be notified via email and announced on Citizensofbeauty.com facebook, and twitter the same day. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, they will forfeit the winning, and a new winner will be selected.  Kendra Stanton and Citizens of Beauty are not responsible for any allergic reaction to any products won.  Kendra did not receive payment or compensation for this giveaway. Please allow 30 day’s for items to get to you.

Happy winnings and  xoxo!





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