The 90’s Grunge Makeup Look Is Back!

The 90’s Grunge Makeup Look is back my friends along with plaid shirts, choker necklaces, and dark lips that are somewhere between brown and mauve. Everyone is joining the 90’s beauty trend; even those of us that are actual 90’s kids are busting out old school pictures for makeup and style inspiration while listening to Nirvana and Green Day. There is even a lipstick called 1993 from Urban Decay that makes it easy for you 90’s newbies to rock the look (or just go through my yearbook). Also, isn’t the 90’s grunge makeup look perfect to add to your roster of other fall makeup looks?

Want to know how to rock the grunge look now? Here are some easy makeup tips and tricks that will make you look like an original 90’s kid. And- if you are like me and feel like you invented the grunge trend and don’t want to necessarily shop the look again, have no fear, I am sure your mom held onto to some old goodies from your yester-years. It’s just called vintage now. Dang it.


90’s Grunge Makeup Essentials


90’s Grunge Lipstick Colors



Looking for the right brown lipstick for that grunge makeup look? Here are a few 90’s lipstick options that will work perfectly while you binge watch on episodes of Friends. Check out the Urban Decay 1993 lipstick, Smashbox Brown lipgloss and the Bite Beauty.

  1. Urban Decay 1993
  2. Smashbox Lipgloss in True Grit
  3. Bite Beauty Lipstick in Dusty Mauve

90’s Grunge Blush Shades

90s-grunge-blush colors

Okay, let’s talk about that muted blush look for your 90’s makeup. First off, ditch the bright pink cheeks and just go straight to that mauve, or rosy-ish blush shade. Remember these cheek colors? You might have worn them back when overalls and sketchers were a thing the first time around.

  1. NARS multiple stick in Na Pali Coast
  2. Laura Mercier in Violet Orchid
  3. Marc Jacobs blush in Flesh and Fantasy

90’s Grunge Eyeshadow Palettes and Shades

90s-grunge-eyeshadow colors

The 90’s makeup era was horrifying to my mother, I am sure. All you have to do is imagine a non-trained, makeup junkie with no access to YouTube, applying a heavy-black-liner look and all the eyeshadow. Yup, that was me in the 90’s and it was a bit confusing to us all. Was I goth? Was I Punk? Nope, just grunge.

Here are some eyeshadow palettes that will help you get the 90’s makeup look.

  1. Burberry Eyeshadow Palette
  2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow
  3. Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette

90’s Grunge Makeup Tutorial


  1. Apply light brown eyeshadow to entire eyelid and blend it into the contour of the eye.
  2. Use a soft shimmery cream eyeshadow and place it under your brow bone and into the tear duct of the eye.
  3. Gently apply a black eyeliner close to the upper lash line. Stop at the outside corner and apply it halfway under the lower lashline.
  4. Blend a mauve blush into to the apples of the cheeks.
  5. Apply your 90’s Grunge lipstick for your full makeup look



Have a great day you guys!





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