A Beautiful Thing: Random Act’s Of Kindness

Yesterday was one of those days where I was thoroughly exhausted and no amount of Obagi Elastaderm Eye Cream (my fave.) or concealer was going to change the lovely dark under-eye circles that slowly developed throughout the day. I got three hours of sleep the night before, woke up and did a segment for Portland’s local morning show, then got to chase my sweet running 1 year old daughter for the rest of the day. Side note- I don’t know how you mom’s out there with 2 or more kids do it, I am barely surviving one! I will get to 2 eventually (maybe?), just not yet. Needless to say, it was one of those day’s that we all have from time to time, pure insanity.

So I thought I would step away from the “chasing baby game,” blogging frenzy, and the obscene amount of laundry that is piling up and satisfy the inner nerd that love’s Jo-Ann’s Craft Store. Plus I could keep my daughter in a shopping cart which meant I could catch a bit of a break (you mom’s out there know what I mean). With that said, before I put the baby girl into the cart, I grabbed a sanitation wipe from it’s designated area and noticed something bright and cheery in the corner of my eyes resting on top of it. I leaned forward as to take a closer look and realized it was a pair of gorgeous, bright pink and flower shaped earring’s. At first I was confused as to why these unique beauties were sitting all alone so curiously-then I saw the writing above it, “random act’s of kindness” and a note inside that said, “enjoy!” This simple act of generosity was amazing and so very inspirational to me!

I thought it was important to share this beautiful kind act with you all, to not only show off my pretty new accessories from LemonKissed, but to also inspire you like I have been inspired! What would this world look like if we were always thinking of creative way’s to be kind to each-other? Who knew a pair of hand crafted earring’s could change my perspective so much and make an interesting day into one that left me with a smile…

To read more about the journey of “Random Act’s of Kindness” check out the blog here, to check out some amazing and fun jewelry that should be added to your collection, go here! You will love it all, plus Lemonkissed has some great deal and discounts!

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