Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara Review



I have had the Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara on my list to test and to try for a few months. I like the fact that it has three different dials you can twist to so that you can get the correct amount of mascara for you. This mascara says that in one coat you can get full lashes, even on dial #1. Who doesn’t want full lashes?


I thought the look of this tube of mascara was nice, clean and easy to use. It twists easily to get to any of the three dials and the mascara does not come out sloppy and clumpy out the the tube.

These are my lashes prior to applying the Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara.

Almay One Coat Dial #1

The brush on the Almay One Coat Mascara Wand has bristles that look and feel like they are made of silicone. I feel like the bristles are rather short, so I am curious to see how this will make my lashes fuller.

I am pretty sure that with just one coat on dial #1 that it painted my lashes black. Not seeing much of a difference in thickness, do you? And yes, I know my lashes before mascara are minuscule, but come on!

Almay One Coat Dial #2

By turning the dial to the right, I am able to open up the inside of the bottle, allowing more mascara to come onto the brush. I can definitely see that more mascara is one this brush.

On the second dial I am seeing more mascara, but still not seeing much in the way of fullness and thickness. I am perplexed.

Almay One Coat Dial #3

Now I am really starting to see the build up of mascara on this brush by twisting it to dial #3. Maybe there is still hope for thicker and fuller lashes after all.

Okay, so I have started to see results with dial #3, but I am still not that impressed. Perhaps I have to high of expectations for something that say’s it will give me fuller lashes. Or maybe I am delusional in thinking that a mascara is going to take my wimpy blonde lashes and turn them into something ridiculously amazing. It could be both. It’s most likely both.

Overall Review + Thoughts and Opinions

Once again,  I am looking at the before and after pictures and I have to say that it didn’t do a terrible job. This mascara IS NOT a lengthening mascara, just a thickening. I personally like having a mascara that gives me volume and length as that is what my starving, pathetic lashes need. So perhaps for you ladies that are blessed with naturally voluptuous lashes, this would be a great fit for you.


I was happy with how this mascara stayed on all day with no flaking. It is not a waterproof mascara, so I didn’t take that test drive with it. If you want something that does not run under water, get waterproof. It’s really your only option.

Price: around $8.00


We Can Be Friends but… (3 points-this is not a re-buy for me.)

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara

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