The Review: amarte Skincare Aqua Toner and Aqua Cream

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday and sorry I have been M.I.A the past few days, my household has pretty much gotten bombarded with every known sickness possible. Anyways, today I am reviewing a few products from amarte skincare; a brand that is new to me, but that has received really great reviews across the board. I received the amart Aqua Mist, and the amarte Aqua Cream; both come in sleek packaging, smell delicious, and have some great ingredients that we could all benefit from. Oh…and it’s a Korean skincare line…yes please.

review of amarte skincare

 Side Note: Yesterday I was at a women’s event with about 200 other amazing women and got to share with them my top 5 makeup trends for fall. Whenever I do events like this, or speak about makeup to a group, I always start out talking about the importance of using good skincare. I truly believe that taking care of your skin should be #1 in your beauty routine because it sets the stage for good makeup and of course, keeps the largest organ that you have in good shape.

First Impressions: It’s a Korean skincare line…what else do I need to say?

About amarte Skincare: This skincare line was developed in Korea at Bio Regional Innovation Center and then brought to the United States by American dermatologist, Dr. Kraffert.

review of amarte aqua mist toner amarte Aqua Mist: This is a toner that has anti-oxidant benefits and is formulated with arbutin, elemental sulfur, and six botanical extracts.

My thoughts: Personally, my skin did just fine with the amarte Aqua Mist and I really enjoyed the citrus scent. With that said, alcohol is #3 in the ingredient list which means this toner carries a high percentage of it. Alcohol is used as an antiseptic in toners, but unfortunately, it can also be really drying and cause inflammation.

Who this is for: This would be good for someone who has oily skin, but I would definitely caution someone with sensitive skin (especially rosacea) to not use it.

Price Tag: $67.00

review of amarte aqua cream

amarte skincare aqua cream review


amarte Aqua Cream: Aqua Cream® is an antioxidant rich moisturizer that brightens the skin with arbutin and retinol.

My Thoughts: I love that retinol and arbutin are two of the main ingredients in the amarte Aqua Cream. Retinol helps to exfoliate the skin and shrink the appearance of pores while arbutin helps to reduce brown pigmentation for an overall clear complexion. This also has argan oil for moisture and a ton of other really good ingredients for overall healthy skin.

Who this is for: Perfect for someone who wants really good anti-aging benefits that gives you younger looking skin. This is not for someone who has rosacea or sensitive skin that is easily inflamed (as using anything with retinol can cause inflammation).

Price Tag: $93.00

review of amarte skincare toner and aqua cream

Overall Thoughts and Opinions: I really liked the amarte Aqua Cream a lot and would absolutely repurchase this. I love the ingredients, and my skin responds really well to retinol. With that said, it is a bummer that the Aqua Mist has alcohol in it because the other ingredients are really great. So basically, yes to the Aqua Cream, no to the Aqua Mist.

Have you tried amarte skincare before? What are your thoughts and do you try and avoid toners with alcohol too?

Have a great day!!

xo, Kendra

note* These products were provided to me for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


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    • I have the same question! I know I should be using retinol or some kind of anti-aging product but I’m so afraid to ruin my sensitive skin. Do you have any other experiences with products that could help?

  • Hi everyone – Amarte here!

    First, alcohol is present in many skin care products – especially toners – and serves a very important role. Alcohol doesn’t cause any irritation until the level gets too high. Amarte uses low concentrations of alcohol in the way it should be used – to make the best products possible. You can read more about how Amarte uses alcohol on the ingredients page at When applying Aqua Mist, you will not notice the alcohol at all – by smell or feel or anything else. It simply makes this product more effective with zero downside. Without alcohol, active ingredients cannot be dispersed onto the skin optimally.

    Aqua Mist Toner is wonderful – it won’t burn your eyes or skin and is very soothing. Everything has its place and there is absolutely a safe and effective ideal place for this ingredient and Aqua Mist is proof.

    As for pregnancy, it is not necessary to stop retinol containing products during pregnancy. The absorption, if any, is so little that it will not change baseline natural retinol levels that are always present in the body. Dermatologists used to worry about this with Retin-A but there has not been one report of a pregnancy related issue in over 40 years of FDA surveillance.

    As for retinol sensitivity – it is essentially a non-issue with Amarte’s high-tech retinol formulations.

    Thanks for all the comments!! Love the interest in this up-and-coming brand.

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