AMNW Segment: Holiday Outfit Updates – Update 5 Basic Favorites

We all have to go to a holiday party here or there during this season. Honestly, I am a holiday time freak! I love, love, love all of the dressing up, singing carols, eating tasty food, excuses to buy new things and tasty food. In order to look fabulous at those parties and not break the bank, consider adding one of these festive pieces to your wardrobe this season before you head out the door.

To dress up black pants:
When wearing a plain bottom, you need to spice up your upper half and snag some stunning heels. Toss on a cardigan with a faux-fur accent on the neckline to embrace one of winter’s most popular trends. Choose a cardigan in a lighter nude color with a darker, contrasting fur color on the neck, toss that over a dark, tank throw on a gorgeous pair of neutral metallic heels and you are ready to roll!

To dress up your little black dress:
1. Go with a tailored blazer that has more to offer than meets the eye, rolled up sleeves and defined waistline will give your black dress a pick me up.
2. Festive jewelry, go with big, chunky and shiny! Grab metallic bangles and layer them on with oversized stud earrings to make your perfect dress even more eye-catching.
3. Opaque Tights: please, please, please, please, please DO NOT wear patty hose. I am begging you PLEASE! But, good news is, you can find super cute leg-wear in many bright, fun colors and patterns to cover up your “winter-white” gams until summer comes again.

To dress up you favorite plain skirt: If you’ve got a plain skirt that’s perfect for this season, especially if its in a dark neutral color because it allows you to add an detailed top to create a festive look. We see several prevalent trends in this area right now in stores:
1. Sequins/Sparkles: pairing you favorite plain skirt with a sequined top brings your look from office to party easily. But be careful here because too much sparkle can be distracting and look like a bad halloween costume. Too bold? Choose a top that’s glitz color matches its material in order to not stand out too much. Sequins don’t have to be shiny to be fabulous.
2. Ruffles: Grabbing a fitted shirt with a nice ruffled accent will downplay your plain bottom half and draws the eye upward to your face instead. Ruffles are feminine and dressy, but too much ruffle can make your head look lost (when sporting a ruffled neckline, pull your hair back in an up-do). Look for a top that is both feminine and functional with the skirt you have in mind and eye-catching like one in a jewel tone or chiffon material.

To dress up your favorite black heels:
Toss on a long sleeve dress: Choose a silky material, which makes a piece already seem extra dressy, in one of the trendy colors for this season: nude tones, cobalt, orange, or pewter. Pair a silky dress with some black patterned tights that go all the way to over your toe, if you choose capri length tights, they aren’t as dressy and they will cut your body into unwanted pieces. Slip on your favorite black heels and you’re good to go.

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