AMNW Segment: When to Spend and When to Save

Here is the latest segment from our very own fashionista Rebecca Alexander Pickrel! Check out the video below and her step-by-step ‘Spend v. Save’ guide to shopping for items you’ll use everyday!

1. Jeans: Spend – Denim can be worn almost everywhere and a dark washed pair will get you even further, but finding the perfect fit of denim can be a long and complicated process for everyone. Truth be told, the more expensive brands carry a wider variety of fits and are more likely to be cut for people who have real bodies than those that are sold at bargain retailers. More expensive pairs will hold their shape better than cheaper ones and they really do last longer. I suggest that you invest in at least two pairs: one to be worn with flats, and one to be worn with heels. Get them hemmed if necessary, but don’t worry about the cost here.

2. Basic Dress: Spend – A go to dress can be worn for any occasion for year after year, so be sure to invest in a higher end material and classic cut so that you can dress it up, down and around for any occasion. I love finding a piece in basic black that has a v-neckline which can be paired really well with an array of accessories for all occasions. You don’t have to stick with black here though, navy and deep purple are just as acceptable. Make sure the cut isn’t too short, that can limit its versatility and longevity, choose right above knee length of the best outcome.

3. Bra: Spend – A good bra can alter the whole look of an outfit. For our gals with a large bust, a well supportive bra will help slim out your shape and create that balanced look we are always after. For those of us with less to work with, a well fitting bra can make the most out of what we have.

4. Trendy Pieces: Save – Trends come and go so quickly with all the changing faces of fashion so in order to not break the bank on keeping up with it all head to bargain stores and sale racks to find easy statement items that you can add to your current wardrobe stash that will carry you through the latest trend season. Fur and animal print is a big one this season, choose a scarf, this one cost me $5.95 to vamp up an outfit. I love to grab a trendy top at the less-expensive retail stores that and pair it with pieces in my wardrobe that have a little more staying power like my dark skinny jeans, that way I don’t break the bank every other week when I “fall in love” with a new trend.

5. Basic T’s and Tanks: Save – You wear t’s and tanks close to your body so you wash them more often and that shortens their shelf-life. Just find a brand that you love, with good close fit and a material that doesn’t look too flimsy and stock up!

6. Evening Bag: Save – An evening bag will see as much use as a wedding dress in my opinion. Buy one in a basic black or metallic shade from a thrift store or sale rack so that it can be paired with a bunch of different looks.

7. WInter Coat: Spend – A good coat must really fit you body close and well so that it actually keeps you warm. Don’t buy it if you can’t cross your arms and bend over comfortably. Choose a fabric with staying power that can resist heavy wear and won’t wrinkle over time-You don’t want to look all rumpled up when you are drenched as well! A lot of brand-name companies have developed jackets that combine both aesthetics and function so you don’t have to look like you are going sledding to stay warm!

You’ll find more great fashion advice on Rebecca’s blog.


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