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feet pampering

One of the ways I like to get my pampering on is by having my flintstone-esq toes beautified as much as they can be. I always, always, always apologize for the state of my ugly feet prior to having them repaired. I don’t want the technician to think that I don’t know how bad they really are. Does anyone else know what I am saying? Also, the above rant is my disclaimer to let you know that if you happen to be thinking I have ugly feet, I want you to know that I realize I will never be a foot model. Sadly my big toe looks like a light-bulb. Moving on, a few weeks ago it was my friend’s birthday, and I decided it would make sense to take her to sip Starbucks and get our feet pampering on. I searched everywhere in Austin and landed on Embellish Nails and Boutique because it’s girlified website pictures, and high ratings lured me in.


feet pamperiing


feet pampering in austin, tx


Before this feet pampering adventure, I had never been to a nail spa that also had a legit boutique included in it as well, but honestly, it’s a genius idea. I love seeing Kendra Scott jewelry and Smith & Cult polish in the same atmosphere…the combination just makes me happy. But more than that, I think my friend and I were excited to see if these pedicures lived up to the overall appeal of why I chose this nail spa over the slew of other ones. I think part of the art in feet pampering is to choose a place that has good surroundings; that alone can make all the difference in the world for a relaxing experience. On that note, it was nice to go to a nail spa that didn’t have a big Buddha at the front with food displayed at its belly. I always find that to be odd, and isn’t that some sort-of health code violation?

feet pampering


feet pampering

To start out our feet pampering adventures, Riane and I sat down in some plush chairs and were greeted by a hot neck wrap to begin our relaxation. Then we had our feet soaked in a copper basin filled with something that smelled delicious. I think we both loved both of those added touches; it’s the small thing’s sometimes that make the biggest difference in a spa experience. Am I right?

feet pampering

For color, we both chose Smith & Cult in She Said Yeah because we felt like having twin-toes and because this color is the perfect pale-purple-polish color for Spring. If you have never had the chance to try Smith & Cult nail polish before, let me tell you, it’s a must! I love the longevity, the color choices, and the super cool packaging. Also, if you go check out the Smith & Cult website, you will instantly want to buy the entire collection because it’s that cool.

Embelish nails review austin, tx 3


Atmosphere can make or break me even walking into a spa, but what can keep me from coming back despite good decor is if the treatment. Part of the art of feet pampering is leaving with feet that not only look amazing (or as good as they can get), but that feel fresh and soft as well. One way that Embellish Nail Spa and Boutique knocked it out of the park was on the foot softens factor. My poor pedicurist had to basically chisel away at the heels of my feet. Needless to say, they were baby soft at the end. My only complaint with this pedicure unfortunately was during my usual favorite part: the massage. Everyone knows that if your foot massage isn’t epic during a pedicure, there is a huge possibility you will never go back. I think my massage could have been really great if it weren’t done with plastic gloves. Just sayin.

art of feet pampering


art of feet pampering


In the end, Embellish Nails and Boutique did a great job of making Riane and I feel welcomed and pampered. I have a great suspicion that we will be back for seconds on another round of girl time adventures. Hopefully the next time though they will skip the gloved up hands. Then again, maybe my feet seriously scared them.

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