Back to School Beauty: For You and Your Teen



I remember when I was a teen (lets not talk about how long ago that was…) going back to school was equal parts exciting and dreadful. I wasn’t much for mathematics (I am genetically challenged in this department, thanks mom and dad), or chemistry, or even gym class really, so school literally gave me massive anxiety.

That was the dreadful part. Of course the exciting part was seeing friends, chasing after boys, and the chunk of change my mom gave me to buy back-to-school items. Because, lets be honest, that first day of school is a mini fashion show. Everyone wants to see who’s wearing what and how they wore it.

So mom’s, while you are getting everything wrapped up for that first anxiety-ridden day, here are some back to school beauty essential for not only her, but for you as well.

back-to-school-FACEFor You: Give your skin a little glow with MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Shell or Pearl. This is soo easy to stick in your purse for later when you need a pick-me-up. $20.00

For Her: Because of packaging and the mix of colors, you might be tempted to steal this Too Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer from your teen when she’s not looking. This is the perfect all-in-one blush and bronzer for any style savvy or au-natural teen.



For You: After spending the past few week preparing for your teen to head back to school, a little TLC in the under eye department is most likely an absolute need. I can’t rave enough about the Neutrogena Healthy Eye Brightening Eyes Perfector. It not only does a fab job of concealing, it’s pretty cost effective and it illuminates the eye area as well. $11.99

For Her: If you are encouraging your daughter to spend less than 3 hours in the bathroom applying makeup (we have all been there), give her beauty products that are easy to use for a quick application. Check out the Neautrogena Crease Proof Eyeshadows. They come in an array of colors that stay for hours upon hours. $8.49

back-to-school-LIPSFor You: Listen, do not be afraid. Just because you are a mom does not mean you can’t wear red lips. It’s one of the hottest trends of the season that shouldn’t be missed. Here is a an absolutely stunning red from Jouer Cosmetics called Ava that you won’t regret wearing. $22.00

For Her: While I have definitely seen teens wearing red lips, maybe a lip-gloss that is tinted red would be a better option for school. I am currently loving the shade Monaco from Jouer Cosmetics Moisturizing lip-gloss collection.

back-to-school-hairFor You: Why is it that after you have babies, you are stuck with thinner hair (and other horrible thing’s I won’t mention)? Does it ever grow back? Well, if you are like me, you are learning that receding hair-lines aren’t just for men… my thinning hair is a serious situation. For hair that needs to be thickened and given some volume, Rusk has some fab hair products for us. Check these out: Rusk Thick Body and Texture Amplifier ($8.99), Rusk thick Myst for fine or thin hair ($10.49), Rusk thickr Mousse for fine or thing hair ($10.49), thickr Hairspray for fine or thin hair ($10.39).

For Her: For those morning’s when she missed her alarm and needs to high-tale it out of there or finds her hair having a frizz-fest melt down, the Got2B rockin’ it encore fresh dry shampoo is perfect for getting fresh hair on-the-go while the got2b oil-licious helps to tame un-ruly hair. Oil-Licious ($6.29), Rockin’ It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo ($6.29)


back-to-school-SKINFor You: Once summer starts to wind down, your skin is probably left with some brown speckled friends you aren’t exactly wanting to welcome. One of THE BEST skincare systems for getting that brown pigmentation to back down is the Obagi Nuderm System. You need to see a doctor in order to get any of the products that contain hydroquinone, but the Exfoderm is hydroquinone free and does an amazing job of exfoliating your skin while the NuDerm SPF 50 protects your skin from sun damage.

NuDerm SPF 50, NuDerm Toner, NuDerm Foaming Cleanser, NuDerm Exfoderm Around $411.00 for entire system or $36.00 to $91.00 for individual pieces.

For Her: Why is it that the teen years evoke such drama for your skin? If your teen is struggling with acne, or you are trying to introduce them to the concept of exfoliation and taking care of their skin, Obagi’s Clenziderm MD kit will help with it all. It’s only three easy steps to beautiful skin. Around $170.00 for full system.


back-to-school-TRAVELFor You: Well, if you are a beauty product hoarder like me, cosmetics bags that have additional bags in them for more products is really a dream come true. I LOVE how much product I can get into this Modella Tea Time 4 piece Tote Set ($16.97)

For Her: For those moments when she might need to run to bathroom for an emergency (we all know what I mean), or perhaps to touch up her lips; the Modella Lady Bloom Purse Kit is perfect for a tampton or lipgloss. ($3.47)


Have a great start to the new school year. If you have any crazy back-2-school stories you need to get off your chest. I am hear to listen…for reals. Let’s get social on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!


Note* These products were given to me by PR Companies. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


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