5 Back to School Accessories for Teen Girls


Sponsored: Can you believe that back to school is right around the corner? That means your teen will not only need school supplies and clothes, but will most likely need some back to school accessories, like new kicks, backpacks, and of course, some nerd glasses (a major essential… *wink wink*).

What teen doesn’t want to look awesome that first day of school anyways?

Let’s be honest here- it’s a mini runway show every year.

back to school accessories for teen girls

But just because your teen wants to look all up-to-date with the latest trends, it doesn’t mean it will empty your pocket book. Here are five back to school accessory trends for teens from rue21 that will make them look runway- I mean hallway- ready.

back to school accessories for trendy teen girls

back to school booties for teen girls.

Booties- Combat boots and other neutral colored Booties are a major back-to-school trend right now.  Booties are perfect for wearing with skinny jeans, skater dresses, shorts, jogger pants, and even overalls. Plus, they work for fall, winter, spring, and even summer. Having a good pair of booties are a good back-to-school style investment.

back to school backpacks for teen girls back to school backpacks for teen girls back to school accessories for teen girls

Backpacks and Bags- No teen would want to carry the sad backpack that I had to rock as teen. Thankfully, there are some sweet backpack and school bag styles that are cool enough to wear, even after school. In fact, I want to wear one, too. Is that weird? Seriously though, they have floral, aztec, and chevron prints now… I only had one color and it was navy blue… and probably a hand-me-down.

back to school rings for teen girls accessories for back to school

Jewelry- When is jewelry not in? For back-to-school accessories, it’s all about sweet watches, rings and midi rings, as well as long necklaces and stacked bracelets. Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, the cool thing about accessories is that they don’t have to be expensive at all and they can change the entire look of an outfit. Rue21 has some great accessory options at a low price.

Back to School Headbands for Teen girls back to school hats for teens

Headbands and Hats- Brimmed hats are not just for moms trying to avoid extra fine lines and wrinkles anymore- teens love brimmed hats, too. And, if their school allows them (some don’t), a back to school hat is a great way to get ready quick and not have to worry if your teen is pressed for time or is having a bad-hair-day-meltdown.

back to school nerd glasses for teen girls back to school accessories for teen girls

Nerd Glasses- Is this just a west-coast, east-coast, and Austin, TX thing? Or are the rest of American teens getting in on this trend, as well? We are talking teen hipsters and preppy teens alike rocking nerd glasses that have NO prescription, to school. Well, maaaybe being the nerd in school is becoming not so nerdy anymore. I wish that were the case when I was in school… I was a choir nerd and I am not ashamed.


Get your teen some awesome back-to-school accessories and other fashion finds from rue21! You can check them out online or in-store.


note* This is a sponsored post with rue21. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.



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  • BeautyJudy

    I like the combo of the chevron white and black with the minty green backpack! I don’t see a lot of teens here in South Jersey wearing fake eye glasses but I do see the jewelry trends!

  • I love those booties. Nerd glasses trend ain´t really my cup of tea unfortunately.

  • I love the backpack and booties!

  • Amber

    What cute accessories and clothes!

  • Anastasia

    Those accessories are perfect for teens. They’re cool, chic and edgy, and I kind of want to wear them myself 🙂

  • Cindy Ingalls

    Almost makes me miss having a teen–NOT!

  • Ange

    That bag is EVERYTHING!

  • I could have used a hat back in the day for my big ol’ poofy hair.

  • Must have those boots!!

  • Oh man this takes me back. I so wasn’t this trendy as a teen. Like….no. LOVE that bag!

  • very cute post! i like those rings

  • Betzy Carmona

    I can totally see myself wearing those boots

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I like the backpack and booties. I agree, teens today are definitely more concerned w/ outfits compared to our generation (or my era coz I’m older than you). Back then, I was a total nerdy, no fashion sense, haha!

  • Oh my those booties are screaming my name. I do think that back to school is like a runway show… I grew up poor and dreaded the first week of school. I’m so privileged now that I can send my children to school in style. I know my parents did what they could, but having had experienced it both ways – I’m glad I got through it.

  • I can barely believe it’s time for back to school!

  • OMG the trends are so early 90’s I’m having major flashbacks lol I’m starting to sound like my mom when she talked about the 70’s bahahaha

  • Justina

    Super cute outfit. Non prescription glasses are popular among teens here too, but I’ll never understand it because I HAVE to wear contacts/glasses. I can’t imagine doing it if I didn’t have to!

  • I was so not fashionable as a teen haha! I’m not really now, either…..

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    What cute stuff! Wish I had looked like that for back to school back in the day

  • That backpack is so cute!!! I really need a chic backpack for my upcoming trip to NYC during Fashion Week. What the hell will I use! ahhhh

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Love that turquoise, black and white backpack!!

  • I am loving the bag and that braided watch. The overalls are definitely cute too!

  • Great post! Especially dig that backpack!

  • Abbysmith661

    Where do you get the chevron and mint rucksack with the faux leather?? I am IN LOVE with it. Xoxo

    • Abbysmith661

      Oops sorry I was dumb and didn’t realize the first sentence. Haha. Ignore this bc I don’t know how to delete it ._.

      • haha! This comment made me laugh! Glad you figured it out!! xo my dear!

  • Clark Edward

    wow great blog about fashion , thank you i love these pictures and that overall dress ..
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