Are you looking for basic makeup tips like how to apply foundation and do your eye makeup? Here you will learn the very basics of makeup application and become confident doing it yourself.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming trying to master the perfect eyeliner and everyday makeup look. As a makeup artist, I can teach you how to do it like a pro and feel comfortable applying cosmetics yourself.

If you are a beginner makeup junkie, you have found the right spot for learning how to do your makeup and the basics you need to get started. Let me be your cosmetic coach and teach you what basics you need to know and tips and tricks that I have learned.

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22+ basic makeup tips and tricks


It can be so difficult trying to figure out what basic makeup tools you need because there are so many of them. I like to keep things simple and not be overwhelmed with tons of cosmetic application products. So, here is a list of the items you need to have the perfect makeup set up.

Here are the basic makeup kit essentials you need to get you started on having a killer makeup kit!

Basic Makeup Kit For Beginners

Here is EXACTLY what you need in your basic makeup kit to get you started on your journey! Keep it simple, babe! 

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Here is the best makeup tips for getting lighting that works!

Best Light Bulb For Applying Makeup

Here is the best in-door lighting for makeup that I’ve tried and I’ve tried many! It helps to light up and balance colors in the room for the best makeup application.

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The One Makeup Brush You Need!

I have a million makeup brushes. But this is the one makeup brushes you need–because  I can’t live without. You need it!

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Pro makeup artist makeup essentials to have!

Beginner Pro Makeup Artist Kit Essentials

Are you a budding makeup artist? Here are the must have pro makeup artist kit essentials you should have in your kit!

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Here are 8 makeup brush essentials that you need in your makeup bag!

My favorites 8 Makeup Brush Essentials That You Needed Yesterday!

Want to know what 8 basic makeup brush essentials you need in your makeup kit? These are my must haves….you really don’t need anything else!

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Basic Makeup Tips How To

If you want to learn the very basics on applying makeup, here you will find everything you need to know. Learning how to apply your foundation and your eyeliner doesn’t need to be complicated and with these simple tips and tricks, you can easily become a pro.

How To: Apply Foundation With the Artis 10 Brush

Learn how to use Artis Makeup Brushes with these simple tips and tricks.  The Artis Oval 10 foundation brush will rock your world, just sayin. If you are looking for a fast and flawless way to apply your foundation, then buying the Artis foundation brush is a must have. 

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Learn to wash your makeup brushes the right way with these easy step by step basic tips!

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Here are some tips to clean your makeup brushes that you’ll want `to know if you want to keep them in amazing shape. 

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Here's how to apply a black eyeliner pencil and get a straight line.

How To: Apply Black Eyeliner

Here is a step-by step tutorial on applying a black eyeliner pencil the right way! Honestly, you’ll get it down fast…and then tell all of your friends to come hang here on citizens of beauty…right?

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Here is a basic makeup tip have the most perfect red lips!

How To: Get The Perfect Red Lips

I put together my basic makeup tips for getting the perfect red lip look! Now you’ll always have the most gorgeous lips of all. 

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Here are the basic makeup tips to concealing really dark under eyes!

How To: Conceal Dark Circles

Have dark circles? Here is a step by step guide and all the basic makeup tips you need to concealing them!

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The ultimate guide to color correcting your skin with these basic makeup tips

How To: Color Correct You Skin With Makeup 

Everything you need to know about color correcting your skin tone with this basic makeup tips guide. 

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Here are some basic makeup tips for shaping your brows the right way with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

How To: Shape Your Eyebrows and What Tools You Need

Want to learn how to shape your eyebrows and exactly what basic makeup essentials you need? Check it out here!

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Learn how to apply foundation with a makeup brush with these basic makeup tips by beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

How To: Apply Your Foundation With A Brush

Want to learn how to apply your foundation with a brush the correct way? This basic makeup tip will give you a flawless look.

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Here you will learn how to curl your eyelashes like a professional and have fabulously curled lashes. Check out this basic makeup tip with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

HOW TO: Curl Your Lashes Like A Pro

Learn how to curl your lashes like a pro with this basic makeup bit. It makes all the difference it the world for getting lifted and curled lashes!

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How To: Unlock Your Foundation Formula Type

Check out how to figure out what foundation formula you need! This post have everything you need to know what foundation type is what.

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How To: Highlight and Contour Your Face Using Numbers and Letters

I’ve put together an easy chart for you to be able to contour and highlight your face and know exactly where to apply your products.

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How To: Highlight and Contour the Natural Way

Here you will learn how to highlight and contour your face and make it look natural, fresh, and glowing!

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Here is how to apply magnetic eyeliner and lashes with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

How To: Apply Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Lashes

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes! It only takes two minutes!

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Basic Makeup Tutorials

Sometimes you need basic makeup tutorials to figure out how to do your makeup really good. I have put together some of my favorite every day tutorials that you can learn quickly from. Get a simple eye makeup look or go really dramatic with a 5 minute smoky eye.


Basic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Basic Gold + Peach Makeup Tutorial


Sometimes it’s nice to just have a book to use as a guide to apply your makeup for every day. I have linked a few of my favorite must-have books that are easy to follow and are a must have to own.

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