Basic Skincare for Normal Skin Types

If you are on the hunt for basic skincare for normal skin, you might be wanting something easy and simple that you can apply quickly. Choosing a skincare routine shouldn’t be that hard, but, you want to make sure that you are still getting proucts that will help your skin.  Just because you have what every person wants in the form of skin genetics, you still have to take care and use a basic skincare routine so that you don’t develop brown pigmentation and premature fine lines and wrinkles. Those dreaded skincare blemishes can happen to even the best of skin types. Taking care of the largest organ you have is essential.

basic skincare essentials for normal skin types

If your skin stays pretty consistent, you just need to make sure that you are keeping it in good shape by using the essentials. You still need to wash your skin, exfoliate several times a week, use protective serums and of course, moisturize. Your basic skincare for normal skin doesn’t need to have a ton of products; you just need the right ones to keep your already good skin in tip-top shape and prevent environmental damage.

Basic skincare for normal skin. Check out this simple and easy routine to clean and protect your face.


basic skincare for normal skin types and what easy and simple regimen you should use to wash and protect your face.

Basic Cleanser to Remove Makeup and More

You want to make sure that you have a cleanser that gets makeup off. I prefer cream cleansers and just do a double cleanse to make sure the daily gunk and grime is removed. But if I need to get out the door quickly I use some  face wipes that are gentle like the Botanics that are only$4.99.  It’s always good to start and end the day with fresh skin so that your cells can receive any serums you might apply.

Basic Serums to Protect the Skin

Your basic serums for your normal skin type would be hyaluronic acid to help maintain skin moisture levels and a vitamin C for antioxidant protection and exfoliation. I think that antioxidants are as important as using a daily sunscreen. For a Vitamin C, check out Mario Badescu or get the Beautycounter tinted moisturizer which also has this ingredient in it. For a hyaluronic acid, check out the Youth to the People serum which also has the vitamin c in it!

  1. Mario Badescu (vitamin c serum *non-toxic)
  2. Beautycounter Dew Skin (vitamin c serum + tinted moisturizer + Sun Protection *non-toxic)
  3. Youth to the People  (vitamin c serum +hyaluronic acid *non-toxic)

Basic Day and Night Moisturizer for Normal Skin

You might think that having two different moisturizers ridiculous since you are looking for something basic. But let me tell you, it’s essential since your skin needs something entirely different at night to replenish the skin while during the day it’s all about prevention. I only have one recommendation for day and night moisturizers for normal skin, and it’s CounterMatch from Beautycounter. What’s so great about this moisturizer is that it mimics your skin and helps to even it out no matter what the weather or environmental conditions are. If you are dry one day, it will help to moisturize and on the oily days, it helps to reduce oil. It’s a fabulous product at an excellent price for normal skin types.

BeautyCounter Countermatch Day Time Lotion (what I use *non-toxic)

BeautyCounter Countermatch Night Time Cream (what I use *non-toxic)



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