10 Makeup Do’s and Don’ts


Over the weekend I spoke at a women’s breakfast about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of makeup. The ladies there were troopers as I bluntly shared with them my makeup and beauty tips. So I thought I would continue that fun and share them with you as well.

We have all (including myself) at some point made a makeup blunder with little to no clue we were even doing it. I believe that if you are going to go through the effort and hassle of trying to make yourself look good on a daily basis, you should do it right. So let’s have a little chit-chat, shall we?


1-  Don’t skimp on your skincare and/or use the wrong skincare products. Makeup starts with your skincare. If you used an acne product at 15 (15 years ago), and your acne is gone, it’s definitely time to switch things up. By choosing the wrong skincare products for you, you can actually be damaging your skin, causing pre-mature fine lines and wrinkles.

DO invest in your skin, it is the largest organ you have. Be sure to use good skincare that is suited for your skin type. If you don’t know what that would be, make an appointment with  a skincare professional and let them suggest some. Also, make sure you always wear SPF and avoid tanning beds like the plague (unless you like the look of crunchy, pre-maturely, ageing skin).
2-Don’t tweeze you brows until they are gone or look like Nike signs. If you think they look bad, it might be the correct assumption.

DO go to a reputable professional, have them waxed, and then keep up the shape. Your brows frame your entire face. Bad brows can make a good makeup, look bad.
3- Don’t keep old brushes that are smashed, grimy, gross, and have makeup still on them from 1999. Take a deep breath you frugal ladies…throw-them-away.

DO buy new brushes. Brushes last around 10 years ONLY if they have been taken care of properly.  Brushes don’t have to be expensive; check out crownbrush.com.
4- Don’t wear foundation that is either too light or too dark for your skin. You are either going to look like snookie, or one of the vamps from Twighlight.

DO get your foundation matched to your skin by a professional.
5- Don’t cake on your foundation. While it will most definitely accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, it will will also make your skin look like you never exfoliate.

Do wear a tinted moisturizer or light weight foundation and conceal in the areas that need further correction.
6-Don’t apply makeup with your hands unless the makeup brand specifically encourages it.

Do apply makeup with brushes. It’s the difference between abstract art and fine art; no one wants abstract art on their face for an every day look. That’s just weird.
7- Don’t be sloppy when applying your eyeliner. I am specifically referring to  eyeliner users who end up with it everywhere but where it should be.

DO take your time with eyeliner by making small strokes close to the lash line and then smoothing it out with a liner brush. If you have a more mature eye- adding too much eyeliner will make your eyes look older. Add the most liner at the outside edges of your eye and then soften it towards the inside of the eye. Also, if you eyeliner tends to run, try a waterproof version.
8- Don’t just stick to the same makeup look you have always have done! This is called being “stuck in an era.” The blue shadow you rocked so well in highschool and that mauve lipstick you always gravitate towards, need to be thrown out.

DO me a favor, try something new and don’t immediately write it off because you don’t think it will look good.
9-Don’t use colors that will accentuate your flaws. For instance, if you struggle with dark under eye circles,  avoid grays or purples as eyeshadow choices. Using these colors can accentuate and bring out dark circles.

DO choose eyeshadow shades that will compliment your eye color for an every day look. The opposite in the color wheel of your eye color will look the best. If you have blue eyes, usually golds and bronzes look best. If you have red skin, use a green color corrector. If you have dark under eyes, use a concealer with a pink base to counteract the blue. Then go over that with a concealer shade that is a half of a shade lighter than your skin color.
10- Don’t be afraid to contour and highlight your face.

Do use contour and highlighting tricks to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, straighten your nose, and accentuate cheek bones. Anywhere you have a depression on the skin, or a place where you see a shadow, use a highlighting product in that area. It will make it look a little less deep and bring light to the area. On the flip  side, if you have a round face, soften it placing some bronzer right under the cheek-bones, temples, and jawline.



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