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Can you believe that the Oscars 2016 are already here again? I love getting to see who wins (crossing my fingers for Leo), but I got to admit, it’s the dresses, makeup, and hair that make me swoon to literal pieces and geek out like I am in junior high. Isn’t it good to know that these people had to put effort into being red carpet ready? Like, they didn’t wake up like this, and there was actual award show beauty prep for days, weeks, and maybe even months that went into their fabulousness. I feel better about life when I can just keep note of that.

getting red carpet ready and how to beauty prep

Besides makeup, hair, and dress attire, it’s the skin and body prep for the Oscars that pulls it all together. Fabulous skin is essential for pretty makeup, and body prep is key to rocking that Givenchy dress we all want (and that Queen Bey owns). So, I teamed up with Babbleboxx to bring the best beauty tips and tricks to getting red carpet ready for the Oscars and feeling confident in your skin.

review of the Clarisonic Mia Fit
Skin First: Healthy skin is a must for being red carpet ready. For ladies (and men) who want good skin but are constantly on the go, the Clarisonic Mia FIT, the #1 cleansing device recommended by US derms is where it all starts. It’s not only more compact than the original Clarisonic, but it’s free standing, making it easy to travel with and bring with you anywhere (like the Oscars). The Mia Fit cleanses 6 times better than if you were to use your hands, which essentially makes your skin 6 times more ready to receive the benefits of your skincare (sound the applause).

I have used the Clarisonic for years because it’s gentle enough to use during my morning and night skincare routine, and it cleanses like a boss. I have personally recommended this handheld skin cleansing device to hundred of skincare and makeup clients because it’s simply the best for getting your best skin ever. Also, can we just pause for a minute and appreciate the beauty of this Clarisonic Mia FIT…it’s pink my friends…pink! Get Yours HERE


vince Camuto Fragrance is a gorgeous scent

Vince Camuto fragrance is as gorgeous as the bottle
That Scent: Because fragrance leaves an impression on the red carpet, it’s essential to find the perfect one, and that’s where Capri by Vince Camuto comes into play. This perfume is like a kaleidoscope of fruity and floral notes that mingle together Pink Grapefruit, Peach Blossom, Violet Flower, Jucy Pear, Violet Leaves, and Vanilla Musk into full on wanderlust perfection. It’s like a #meetmeincapri, Mediterranean paradise in a gorgeous blue and gold bottle, and you need to have it.

Available at Macy’s and Vince Camuto Stores online starting at $22.00!

review on ZZZQuil Sleeping aid for a better sleep

Beauty Sleep: There is about zero way to be red carpet and life ready unless you catch a few hours of beauty sleep. Let’s be honest here, sleep is not only essential for the renewing of your skin and under eyes but the renewing of your sanity and ability to put on a smile for a million cameras without giving them the middle finger. (Because camera’s flashing in my face happens allll the time for me…I forgot to tell you.)

In my world of being a mom of three, bringing my A-game every day makes our day flow so much better. To do that, though, and not be an absolute wreck of a human, I need enough sleep. For those occasional nights where my brain won’t shut off, and I think I hear the kids because I am paranoid, I use ZZZQuil sleep-aid. It’s non-habit forming, and it helps me sleep more soundly, so I wake up refreshed and feeling good about life and I can #bringmybest a bit better.

Get your coupon for a better night sleep here

babyfoot foot peel review

Foot Fetish: Did you know that a foot fetish is an actual thing? I don’t get it. But I do think that having soft feet and pretty toes is an essential for the red carpet and life in general. Interestingly, recent research shows that buffing the dead-dry skin off of your feet makes the rough foot situation worse by creating even more, dead skin cells. No, thank you…and that’s where Baby Foot becomes your new favorite foot peel of all time.
Instead of buffing and scraping away the dead skin cells on your feet, Baby Foot uses gentle fruit acids to penetrate through layers of dead skin cells which break down the desmosomes (what holds the layers of skin together) leaving you with soft feet. For best results, soak your feet for 30 minutes before application, and when the dead skin on your feet starts to come off in 3-7 days, avoid picking, pulling, and removing it at all cost.
As a person that finds great satisfaction from picking things…I am telling you right now, don’t do it. Just let the skin come off naturally so that your feet are the softest they have ever been. If you are having a hard time resisting though (trust me, I get it), use a light, oil-free skincare product to make the flaking less apparent. Get yours HERE

Alright friends, get red carpet ready with me for Oscars 2016 and let’s cross our fingers for Leo once more!


Your Beauty Best Friend,


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