Avon Eyeshadow Quads: Shockingly Good

There use to be a time when the Avon lady would ring my doorbell and I would run and hide. Anyone else? I mean seriously, if you ring my doorbell or knock on my door, I won’t be answering. Unless of course you are Mr.Fed Ex, Mrs.UPS, or a friend. Thankfully the Avon lady doesn’t want to chat anymore and just simply leaves a pamphlet which I always read. Anyways…I was sent some eyeshadow quads from Avon and I was kind of shocked by how much I liked them. To be honest, I associate Avon with my grandma who is awesome, but we kind of have different taste. WITH THAT SAID….holy smokes (yes I said holy smokes, get over it Tera), the Avon Eyeshadow Quads are freaking awesome and they are only $7.00 each! I got more pigment out of these than most high end eyeshadows that I use. I would actually carry these in my makeup kit because the pigment is that good and the eyeshadows are pretty big. I am telling you, this is me being excited. One last thing, the casing is not cheap looking, it won’t fall apart if you breathe on it.


I haven’t done a YouTube video in a while. Which one of these looks would you like to see re-created?



AVON_Vibrant_spice_eyeshadow_quad copy


Avon Spice…you have my heart. This is going to be on my eyes for Thanksgiving.


AVON_Steel_Blues_eyeshadow_quad copy


Avon Steel Blues Eyeshadow Quad has a very winter-ish feel to it. It’s lovely. What do you think?




I loved how vibrant the Purple Haze Eyeshadow Quad was, especially number 3.


Which one do you want to see re-created in a tutorial?



p.s- These were samples given to me from a PR company. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  • That first quad is stunning!

  • VIBRANT SPICE! *drool*

  • Purple Haze!!!

  • Kim

    Love Vibrant Spice. It looks like I need to order this from my mom

  • The purple haze quad is gorgeous! Love this!

  • Jess Scull

    These are STUNNING!!!!

  • Wow, these are beautiful! Great swatches and photos! 🙂

  • Love the purple haze quad!

  • I too was recently introduced to Avon’s eyeshadowy goodness! They’re so surprisingly amazing, so buttery and some of my favorite eyeshadows!

  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome…!! I love all these eye shades especially this vibrant spice quad. Its fantastic..!!

  • I was super shocked by the quality, too!

  • Sara Quintero

    How do you get the Avon Quad shadow to look so brilliant and intense? What type of base is under the shadow?

    • Hey Sara! Thank you so much for you comment : ) It has been a while since I did these tutorials…but I usually add a disclaimer if I use a primer. With that said, I love Urban Decay Potion Primer…it’s my go-to!

      • Sara Quintero