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If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I just posted a giveaway with a bunch of other beauty bloggers to give away an entire set of Youngblood lipsticks (insert YAAASSSS). These lipsticks are everything, and I am happy for whoever the winner is…however, I kind of wish it was me. Luckily though I got to pick out three Youngblood Lipsticks for Fall to try out, and of course, two of them landed in the red category. Why am I such a red lipstick addict? Well, these Youngblood lipsticks were too pretty to pass up and when given the option to choose, I knew they needed to be in my stash.


youngblood lipsticks


(from left to right: Kranberry, Vixen, Sheer Passion)

Have you tried Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics before? When I became an aesthetician years ago, this line was in the medical spa that I worked for at the time. So, I am pretty familiar with not only the lipsticks, but the foundation, blush, and highlighters as well. They are all great products, but the lipsticks were what I had a ton of for myself and for my makeup kit too.

Today I am showing you the three Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics lipsticks that I picked out: Vixen, Kranberry, and Sheer Passion. Kranberry and Vixen are pretty similar but different enough that I needed them both. Check out my picks and tell me which ones you can see yourself rocking for Fall.

youngblood red lipstick

First up, I am wearing the Youngblood lipstick in Kranberry. This is a cool-toned red lipstick that has a slight sheen to it. It has great coverage, lots of pigment, and keeps your lips hydrated.

Price Tag: $19.00

fall lipstick color in sheer passion

Sheer Passion is a brownish-pink lipstick color that screams Fall to me. It’s not high in pigmentation, so if you are looking for a softer fall lipstick look, this is a great choice. It’s also very hydrating and applies easily.


red lipstick in vixen

My favorite of the three of these is the Youngblood Vixen lipstick that I am wearing in the picture above. While Kranberry is a cool red, Vixen is a matte warm-toned red that instantly gives a sassy look. With that said, because this is a matte, it’s not necessarily hydrating….but it’s not drying either. It does stay for-ev-er, so make sure you apply it where you want it, or use these tips on how to apply red lipstick.



youngblood lipstick swatches(Swatches from left to right: Kranberry, Vixen, Sheer Passion)

I think in these swatches of lipstick, you can see the difference a little bit better in the color of the reds. They are still pretty similar, but different enough that a red lipstick addict would need both…obviously. You can also see how sheer and shiny the Sheer Passion, which I think is good for an everyday lip color.

So of these three, which is your favorite lip color? Have you tried anything from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics before? Let me know in the comments and make sure to enter the giveaway on Instagram.

XO, Kendra

Note: These lipsticks are a PR sample. There are affiliate links within this post. See disclosure page for details.


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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Gorgeous shades. Vixen look particularly stunning on you! I’ve never tried anything from Youngblood but clearly I should

  • I just saw the giveaway earlier, and I hope I win, because these look awesome. I love all three, but the dark red is probably my fave. Looks amazing with your bleached blonde hair!

  • These are HAWT! Love them all!

  • marciaf

    These look great on you and I think they’ll be terrific for fall.

  • These are all so pretty, I like them all on you!

  • The only salon in town that carried Youngblood no longer carries them. glad to read a review!

  • So very pretty!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    You look gorgeous in all 3 shades!

  • Beautiful! I agree, I think Vixen is my favorite, too, but I love all three really.

  • Mai

    Vixen is absolutely beautiful!