Most Wanted Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

If you are looking for a present she will love, check out my most wanted cozy Christmas gifts for her gift guide. Get her something she can bundle up in this holiday season like a snuggly bathrobe or soft Ugg boots. Keep her warm with a sweater, plaid scarf, and comfy mittens while she sips hot cocoa and sings Christmas Carols in the cold winter air.

Ignite the feeling of the holidays by getting the women in your life the gift of a comfy and cozy present for Christmas. Check out my favorites below.


Cozy christmas gifts for her like bathrobes, knit hats, sweaters and bubble bath

  1. Ugg BathrobeUgg Boots 2.Cozy Fur Throw  3. Mini Boxed Holiday Candles 4. Comfy Slipper Slides 5. Zoella Bubble Bath 6. Chloe Ceramic Mug 7. Hot Coco Set 8. Cozy Pink Socks 9. Topshop Beanie 10. Pommed Birkshire Gloves 11. Reversible Scarf 12. Madewell Sweater 13. Tall Ugg Boots

15 Cozy Gift Combinations for Christmas

Any one of these cozy holiday presents would make the lady in your life happy. But if you are wanting to pair some warm gifts together from this list above and make a basket, this is how I would do it to create the perfect gift combo.

  1. Bathrobe + Slippers
  2. Candles + Coco Set + Coffee Mug
  3. Candles + Bubble Bath
  4. Fuzzy Blanket + Slippers
  5. Bathrobe + Candles
  6. Warm Socks + Beanie
  7. Scarf + Mittens
  8. Boots + Hot Coco Set
  9. Boots + Sweater + Scarf
  10. Mittens + Beanie
  11. Cozy Blanket + Candles
  12. Mittens + Coffee Cup (tuck mittens inside the cup)
  13. Slippers + Bubble Bath
  14. Bathrobe + Candles
  15. Sweater + Mittens

If you don’t know how to package together your warm and cozy gifts for her, I would recommend getting a fun box or basket and doing some layers. If you are purchasing two products like a sweater and mittens, just fold the sweater and the lay the mittens over the top and secure it together with a tied bow. If you are doing three gifts to keep her warm, opt for the box and put one item in each corner and one in the center. You can fill the extra space with some tissue and add embelishments for fun.

I know she will enjoy these gorgeous presents that will keep her toasty now and later. Happy holiday shopping!








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