Nail Rock Foil Kit and Tutorial!

Who is in to doing their nails? Who is into doing awesome nails that don’t take much work? Yeah, that would be me…and probably a lot of you. So you need to check out Nail Rock, a nail art company (amongst other things) that is pretty inexpensive, easy to use, and totally worth getting all crafty over. Today I am reviewing three of their Nail Rock Foil Kits…I am excited to show you them and how to use them! (Yay for cool nails!)


Nail Rock Foil Kit Review


Nail Rock Foil Kit in Antique Gold

Review of Nail Rock Foil Kit in Antique Gold


I am just going to say that the Nail Rock Foil Kit in Antique Gold is my favourite of the three. I have loved dark nails for a long time, but it’s the pop of gold with the black that feels very rocker-chic.


Nail Rock Foil Kit in Antique Rose

Review of Nail Rock Antique Rose


My second fave is the Antique Rose Foil Kit from Nail Rock. Purple is a a great polish color on me…so it’s sort of a staple. But add a touch of rose gold glam, and I feeling rather fancy.


Nail Rock Foil Kit in Antique Silver

nail rock 3


Last but not least, we have the Glam Rock Nails Foil Kit in Antique Silver. If you are a blue nails person (I am not), you may absolutely love this foil kit. I think the contrast of blue and silver was a good pick, but on my nails, not so bueno. What do you think?





Overall I had a great time using these kits. My arts and crafts side of me really came out and I had a fun time making different shapes of foil on my nails. With that said, you NEED to wait an entire 15 min. to let this dry in order to not have jacked up foiled nails.

Well, I am totally busting this out for V. day, my girls night out, and grocery shopping…why not? Go big or go home.


Currently you can get these are Wallmart and Urban Outfitters for around $8.00.

Have you tried these before?



Note* These were given to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  • Wow great tutorial!

  • Great job on the tutorial. I think it would drive me crazy to have them uneven but that’s just my craziness.

  • Ooo! Pretty kits. Great tutorial, too. ­čÖé

    Math captcha? LOL

  • That is so cool! I really wanna try something from this brand now!

  • The purple and rose gold look is my fave! I have silver and gold foil.. maybe I need that rose!

  • SO FUN! I want to play!

  • It would be cool if they gave you pieces of foil that were shaped into things!

  • I like the rose gold. It’s crazy how easy it is to do this.

  • Agree – great tutorial! I like the antique gold kit!

  • What a fun kit!

  • Great tutorial! I’ve never tried using nail foils, but it doesn’t seem as intimidating as I thought.

  • I am so talentless when it comes to nail art but I dig this one. Looks so easy!!!!

  • The foil looks like so much fun to play with!

  • I recently got some foil from NailArtSociety in their goldflake kit and it was so easy to use

  • That is super easy!!!!

  • I love the foil look!