New Ardell Villain Lashes and Looks!

Ardell_lashes_Villains copy

We are on the countdown for Halloween…are you excited? I had my girls costumes picked out a month ago because I am that on top of things (furthest thing from the truth). Well anyways, my fave. part about shopping for Halloween is the over-the-top lashes that find their way back home with me. I have already purchased a ton of crazy colored lashes, but I thought the Villains Lashes by Ardell were real fun. So I played around with them a bit, and here is what I came up with.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?






Ardell_Lashes_Maleficent copy


ARDELL-LASHES-Cruella-DeVil copy




Ardell-Lashes_Ursula copy



Which one do you like this best?


XOXO and Happy Early Halloween!!


note* This is original work my me (Kendra), please don’t take these photos without permission. I bought these lashes and this is not a sponsored post.




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  • I am crazy about all of these looks, but I’m especially a fan of the second one! You are incredibly talented. Can we look forward to a full Halloween makeup photo?

  • I love the 2nd one too. You are such a makeup artist in the true sense oF the word!!

    • Thanks girl! That is really sweet of you!! It’s my job…so I hope I am good at it, haha!