Review: Maybelline Line Stilletto

Today I purchased the Maybelline Line Stiletto to check it out since it is a new product. On the box is says “Ultimate Precision” which I can’t complain about. I actually had great control, its just that the plastic tipped applicator was a little flimsy for me. I was trying to use it to create a “vintage” line, and it did just okay.

The staying power of this product is great though! Once you apply it, it is there to stay until you wash your face. With that said, it doesn’t have much room for manipulation so you need to get your line right or build upon it.

Cost: Around $5.49! I would have to say that is not a bad price! Plus there are often coupons to take the price down even farther.

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  • Jbell

    I’ve been using the mascara from this line and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s REALLY hard for me to find a mascara that doesn’t weigh my lashes down… maybelline seems to be the only brand (even tried spendy ones) that works.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, lash stiletto does feel really lite! Plus it’s not clumpy, can’t stand clumpy mascaras!

  • Taramo

    Is there any context besides a vintage look where this kind of eyeliner would work? Can you use it well for regular day-makeup?

    • Anonymous

      Yes of course you can use it for an every day liner! It’s just not very “giving” if you make a mistake. The nice thing about it is that it makes a really skinny, fine line. Practice makes perfect! I think you will like it! Thanks for your comment

  • Their mascara is really good too!