Rules of Waxing…The Do’s and Dont’s

Rules Of Waxing The' Do's and Don't

Getting waxed for the first time is definitely a memory you don’t forget easily….especially if that first memory is a Brazilian. Am I right or am I right?

Well, I actually am the waxer, the girl behind those dreaded strips that rip off the wax. So I have a bit of advice to offer to you that I think may be helpful.  I end up having to share this advice to 90% of customers anyways. I am sure all of the other estheticians out there will agree with me as well. I hope you enjoy.


1. Let me just get this one out of the way. If it’s your first time getting a Brazilian, don’t worry….your waxer has seen about a million choches (as I call them), so just relax. Yours is no different and it’s not a big deal to us. The towel that initially covers you up, will be gone by the end. Just sayin.

2. Don’t ever, ever, ever get anything waxed on your face close to a big event like your wedding, prom or anything else that could possibly be considered a big event. It would be terrible if you had a waxing complication and something bad happened. I once heard of a bride that went to a cosmetology school the day of her wedding to get her brows waxed. The waxer actually took off one of her brows. That’s a bummer.

3. Do know that if it is your first time getting a brazilian, you will be red, swollen, sore and bumpy. So if you are a bride especially, start waxing 2 months ahead of your wedding so that you know how your skin will react. Your first time is always the worst because the roots of your hair are so tight in your hair follicle. If you continue with your treatments, it get’s so much better I promise!

4. Don’t just let anyone wax your eyebrows! Why do people think this is not a big deal? They literally frame your entire face. Do make sure you go to someone who has an eye for design and symmetry. Cheaper is not better. It’s your brows. Average cost-$20.00-$30.00 or more depending on your area and their experience.

5. Don’t over tweeze your brows into Nike signs and then come in to get waxed. Those are meant for shoes, not your face. On most occasions if they are over-tweezed, I make clients grow them out for two months so I can re-shape them. If you don’t have brow hair to wax and shape, you won’t walk out having Brooke Shields iconic brows.

6. Don’t take Ib-profin or any other blood thinner before waxing, you are more at risk for bruising.

7. Do tell your esthetician if you are using a Retin-A or anything with a Retinol on your face. Even if you are getting your brows waxed, the medicine can migrate down to your eyelids and cause you to tear skin. So never, never lie about it unless you want to leave with a shiny patch of no skin where you were waxed. That is never pretty and I have seen it happen first hand.

8. Do use benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria and a anti bacterial wash with salicylic in it to help with the “post wax bumps.” Clean and Clear has some cheap options that work. Also Tendskin is another option that is really popular. Aloe Vera helps to soothe the skin as well.

9. Do use a Salicylic and a good loofa in between waxing’s to prevent those lovely post wax in-grown’s. But please don’t go loofa sponge happy and then douse yourself with Salicylic, it will burn and you won’t be happy. Rotate between the two. Use sterilized tweezers if you get an in-grown to get it out.

10. Don’t try and wax yourself unless you really know what you are doing. Your eyebrows you can really jack up easily, and your choch is just another story that only leads to the “1, 2, 3-GO” method which is useless. Leave it to the pro’s.




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  • I definitely agree on researching the place before you get waxed and not just stepping into the cheapest shop. The wax is actually on your skin and you want to be sure the esthetician knows what she’s doing and is hygienic! Great tips and article! Have a lovely weekend:) 

    • Thank you for your comment! Glad you liked the post, and yeah far to many people want to go so cheap instead of going quality! You pay for what you get I think : )

  • Faith

    I will never forget you giving me for first waxes. People, this girl knows what she’s talking about!!!  

  • Amy

    What is the time frame you have to wait after waxing before you can into a pool, hot tub or the ocean?