Beautycounter Holiday 2018 Sets

Beautycounter has out done themselves with their holiday 2018 gift sets and I’m gonna show you them all and review my faves with swatches! I love all of their new safe makeup and skincare sets that are packed with amazing pigment and incredible ingredients that transform the skin from the inside out. Last years Beautycounter holiday sets were good, but these are even better in my opinion. Since I became a consultant two years ago, the products have just gotten better and better like the eyeshadow colors and especially their lipstick. Speaking of, you have to see the mini color intense lipstick set you guys, I think this is my favorite Beautycounter Christmas gift idea yet. Beautycounter has out done themselves with their holiday 2018 makeup and skincare sets! Check out the best sets with makeup artist and beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be into non-toxic and safe makeup to really love these Beautycounter Holiday 2018 products. As a makeup artist, these perform as well as any product in the cosmetic isle, they just happen to have the best high-quality ingredients too. Just because they are safe doesn’t mean they are boring or lack pigment. Anyone on your shopping list is going to love these products!

HOW TO SHOP: If you don’t already have a consultant with Beautycounter, I would be honored to be yours! I make commission on all of my sales, so please type in Kendra Stanton if my name doesn’t pop up. Thanks for your support!

Beautycounter Holiday 2018 Mini Lip Sets

Beautycounter Holiday 2018 sets don't dissapoint! Check out these non-toxic and safe beauty products that don't dissapoint with beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton.


Beautycounter Mini Lip Gloss Vault Holiday Gift Set 2018Beautycounter moisturizing lipgloss mini holiday set 2018 is a non-toxic and safe beauty set you are going to love! This hydrating lip set will make the perfect gift for you or somebody else with beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton.


Beautycounter Mini Lip Gloss Vault: First up we have the Beautycounter Mini lipgloss gift set that comes with ten gorgeous shades ranging from a neautral to a bright and poppy pink.

Swatches: From let to right we have Raspberry, Peach Pearl, Camelia, Black Plum, Whisper, Freesia, Magnolia Shimmer, Fig, Peony, and Rosé.

Gift Idea: This lipgloss gift set would be perfect on it’s own, or seperated out and gifted with an ornament or mug.

Price: $89 ($8.90 each)

SHOP: Mini Lip Gloss Vault 

  • Rosé (sheer nude pink with shimmer)
  • Peony (warm pink)
  • Whisper (sheer nude)
  • Camellia (cool pink)
  • Peach Pearl (soft peach pink with shimmer)
  • Magnolia Shimmer (rose mauve with silver shimmer)
  • Raspberry (sheer bright pink)
  • Freesia (cool fuschia)
  • Fig (sheer plum)
  • Black Plum (deep eggplant)

Mini Colors Intense Lipstick Vault

Beautycounter color intense lipstick mini holiday set 2018 are non-toxic and safe beauty sets you are going to love! This set has red, lip, burgrundy, nude and more pretty colors to try. Check out these swatches with beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton

Beautycounter Color Intense Lipstick Vault: All-the-yes to this gorgeous Beautycounter Holiday 2018 lipstick set of 8 perfect mini’s! Listen guys, there was nothing like this at beautycounter two years ago and I’m a lipstick junky! I am obsessed with all of these colors, but especially the Front Row Hot Pink lippie. I could live in this shade all year round.

Swatches: From left to right the swatches are: Twilight, Daydream, Premiere, 9 to 5, Girls Night, Front Row, Gala, Cafe.

Price: $79

SHOP: Beautycounter Color Intense Lipstick Vault


  • 9 to 5 (luminous mauve)
  • Front Row (hot pink)
  • Girls’ Night (classic red)
  • Premiere (true plum)
  • Café (soft beige)
  • Gala (blue red)
  • Daydream (neutral pink)
  • Twilight (bright berry)

Beautycounter holiday 2018 makeup gift sets that are non-toxic and safe eyeshadow, lipsticks, gloss, blush, highlighters and more with beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Beautycounter Necessary Neutrals Holiday 2018 Eyeshadow Set

Beautycounter Holiday 2018 Necessary Neutrals Palette is a non-toxic and safe eyeshadow set that's perfect for creating tons of beautiful looks for day and night.

Necessary Neutrals Palette: Similar to the 2017 Holiday Eyeshadow Set, there are 18 highly pigmented and versatile eyeshadows in the Necessary Neutrals palette! There are endless combinations with this palette to play with that will carry you all year round. This will be the everyday eyeshadow palette that you will use every-single day and the pigments are so intense that you don’t have to use much to have high impact.

Price: $89 (About $5.00 for each shade)

SHOP: Necessary Neutrals Palette:

Beautycounter holiday necessary neutrals eyeshadow palette has tons of different eyeshadow combinations to use on your eyes. Get a glammed up smoky eye or a soft everyday look with this safe and non-toxic makeup palette.jpg

Swatches: Here are the swatches of the Beautycounter Necessary palette from top to bottom and left to right.


  • Flame (matte orange)
  • Clove (matte sienna)
  • Brandy (rich burgundy brown)
  • Cava (peach shimmering neutral)
  • Bittersweet (shimmering warm brown)
  • Fog (light neutral taupe)
  • Slate (shimmering gunmetal grey)
  • Smoke (matte grey brown)
  • Blush (shimmering pink)
  • Sable (matte warm brown)
  • Port (deep aubergine brown)
  • Slipper (shimmering soft pink)
  • Burgundy (warm violet)
  • Haze (warm eggplant purple)
  • Buff (matte neutral cream)
  • Mist (shimmering silver)
  • Midnight (matte black)

Beautycounter holiday iconic velvet eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous eyeshadow set of 9 pigmented shades that are non-toxic and safe. Check out these beautiful swatches and makeup looks using this palette with makeup artist and beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton.jpg

Beautycounter Iconic Eyeshadow Palette: Don’t let the color Sequin scare you off from this palette! All of the colors in this safe eyeshadow palette are stunning, but I can understand if Sequin appears to be a little too much. Here’s the good news, that is the only shade that isn’t crazy pigmented. It’s more of an accent color with a tiny bit of shimmer and not a crazy amount of pigmentation. There are 9 beautiful shades to play with for holiday that you can create tons of makeup looks with.

Price: $50

SHOP: Beautycounter Iconic Eyeshadow Palette

Beautycounter iconic eyeshadow palette swatches and review

Swatches: From Top to Bottom and Left to right, here are the swatch colors.


  • Fringe (satin aubergine)
  • Chiffon (matte cool taupe)
  • Bangle (gold with rose undertones)
  • Feather (matte warm brown)
  • Sequin (turqoise veil)
  • Ribbon (violet neutral)
  • Stiletto (forest grey with gold sheen)
  • Pendant (khaki with gold sheen)
  • Lace (shimmering neutral)

Beautycounter Cream Eyeshadow non-toxic and safe holiday set review and swatches with beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton


Stardust Cream Eyeshadow:   Yay! Beautycounter has cream eyeshadows and they are ah-maz-ing! For the makeup minimilist who just wants to swipe on a single shadow shade and run out the door, this is for you! There are 5 beautiful shades to try out in this set and it’s an incredible price too!

Swatches: From Left to Right we have Stellar, Celeste, Cosmos, Orion, Luna

Price: $39

SHOPStardust Cream Eyeshadow

Beautycounter 2018 First Light Holiday Palette

Beautycounter Holiday 2018 First Light highlighter palette with golden, sunkissed, and Halo non-toxic and safe beauty shades.psd Check out these swatches and review with beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton

First Light Highlighter Palette: How gorgeous is the First Light Highlighter Palette? I love these beautiful golden and pink shades for holiday. You can even use this beautiful set for eyeshadow too if you want a quick look to get out the door! If you want a clean highlighter for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you need this!

Swatches: From left to right we have Halo, Golden and Sunkissed.

Price: $49

SHOP: First Light Highlighter Palette


Other Beautycounter Holiday 2018 Sets

Beautycounter Holiday 2018 Night Resurfacing Peel skincare Set

If you’ve been here a while, you will know that I’m obsessed with the Overnight Resurfacing peel! If you are curious about Beautycounter skincare, this is the perfect set to get you started to glowing and gorgeous skin almost instantly.

SHOP: Instant Awakening Trio 

Beautycounter Holiday Charcoal Essentials set

This is one of Beautycounter best sellers in a duo and for holiday it’s only $49! What I love about both of these products together is that it detoxifies the skin and pulls out all-the-junk from your pores. Also, the charcoal bar has salicylic acid in it to help exfoliate inside your pores and on the surface of your skin too.

SHOP: Charcoal Essentials

There are even more Beautycounter Holiday 2018 sets to check out beyond this like kids items, the must-have cleansing balm that my husband loves, a mens kit and more! If you have questions about anything, please send me an email and I would love to help you out!



note- There are affiliate links in this post, thanks for using them!

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