The Best Everyday Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to everyday eyeshadow palettes, it’s all about the essentials; nude colors that work on repeat. So today I am bringing you the best everyday eyeshadow palettes that are sure to get used all year long regardless of the season. If you watch my live Facebook makeup tutorials, you will see that I use most of these eyeshadow palettes on repeat because I want you to use the products that I am showing. I also link to every basic eyeshadow palette I use on the show so that you can join the daily fun and learn new makeup tricks along the way.

6 of the best everyday eyeshadow palettes

Just like it’s important to have all of the basic makeup essentials, it’s also good to know the best everyday eyeshadow palettes there are to choose from. There are so many cosmetic companies and makeup products available to us now that honestly, it can be annoying to know which ones to buy and which ones to pass on. As your friend and since you are in the C/B Tribe, I wanted to pull together a few favorite neutral eyeshadow palettes for you to choose from that I think will make you incredibly happy. There truly isn’t a bad eyeshadow palette here in this “best everyday eyeshadow palettes” line up; you are winning with whatever you choose to buy and invest in.

Having a neutral eyeshadow palette is an essential to every cosmetic bag. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like to incorporate fun and poppy shades like the Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette to my makeup looks, but it’s the everyday eyeshadow palettes like the Urban Decay Naked 2 that pull my looks completely together. Let’s have a little fun today, mmm k? Here are the 5 basic eyeshadow palette essentials that are loved and adored by so many…but especially by me. The proof is in my live Facebook feeds…am I right?

What Makes Good Everyday Eyeshadow Palettes?

the best everyday eyeshadow palettes with nude shades

If you are looking for the best basic eyeshadow palette to purchase and incorporate into your daily makeup routine, here are a few things that I consider when choosing to buy. I like my everyday basic eyeshadow palette to have a mix of matte and shimmery shades so that I can layer and create different types of makeup looks. Then I like them to have a range of neutral colors that go from light to dark so that I can create contour and contrast. I also think it’s incredibly important to use a basic eyeshadow palette that has both cool and warm tones to play with so that you can make a multitude of basic eyeshadow designs. But more than anything, it’s the quality that matters most. With all five of these basic eyeshadow palette essentials, I am showing you today, they are highly pigmented, incredibly creamy, and last a very long time.

Do You Need More Than One Everyday Eyeshadow Palette?

I think it’s good to have several basic eyeshadow palettes. For instance, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette has a lot of warm tones, while the Makeup Forever Artist Palette has a range of cool tones. Both are great palettes that you can use together or separate. As you all know, I use a mix of a few palettes together to create different makeup looks. I just wouldn’t have so many basic eyeshadow palettes that you feel overwhelmed. That’s why I am pairing down the 6 that I love the most.

Basic Eyeshadow Palette Essentials

the best everyday eyeshadow palettes

  1. Tarte Tartlette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette >> $45.00 at Sephora
  2. Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette >> $58.00 at Nordstrom with FREE SHIPPING
  3. Ciate London The Pretty Palette >> $35.00 at Sephora
  4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette  >> $54.00 and FREE SHIPPING at Nordstrom
  5. Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1 Nudes >> $44.00 at Sephora
  6. The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette >> $49.00 at Sephora

Honestly, you can’t go wrong when you buy one of these everyday eyeshadow palettes. They are each the type of makeup palette that will last you an entire year or more because you don’t have to use much of them to get the look you are wanting. Purchasing a quality everyday nude eyeshadow palette, plus my favorite makeup brush to ensure incredible blending power, and then watching my tutorials will make get you on your makeup game asap.

xo, Kendra

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