Best Knockoff Beauty Blender

I have tried many knockoff Beauty Blenders because, let’s be honest, every brand has one now. Some off brand makeup sponges feel like erasers, some are too squishy, and then some are a really odd shape. But, after testing so many different face sponge dupes that are similar to the pink tear drop shaped foundation applicator I love, I finally found one that acts almost identical. Check out the best knockoff Beauty Blender.

best beauty blender knockoff

If you don’t know what a beauty blender is, it’s a makeup sponge that blends your foundation, concealer, and blush into your skin flawlessly. The origional makeup sponge comes in one tear drop shape and in many different colors and sizes. When I was testing out fake beauty blenders, I found that it’s really hard to find a knockoff that is similar to the one I fell in love with for applying makeup. But, I had heard some great thing’s about the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and thought I would give it a try. Honestly, I was very skeptical.

Comparing the Beauty Blender to Real Techniques Miracle Complexion

This beauty blender dupe is almost identical to the original.

If you are trying to find out if the Real Techniques face sponge compares to the beauty blender, the answer is, yes. There is really only one obvious difference; the flat edge of the Real Techniques sponge. But other than that, I feel like its very comparable, especially for the price point. I love when that happens!


Inexpensive Beauty Blender Knockoff

Real Techniques makes a beauty blender dupe that performs almost identicle to the origional pink tear drop shaped makeup sponge. Check it out.

I don’t want to calculate how much I have spent on beauty blenders over the years. I use them personally and as a makeup artist, so, it’s probably a ton. Now that I know that I like the Real Techniques face sponge just as much, that’s what I am going to carry. The cost difference is pretty significant; Beauty Blender $20 and the Real Techniques is around $8.

Get the Real Techniques makeup sponge on Amazon, two for $8! This is such a steal!

In the end, if you are looking to save money on your sponge foundation applicator, try the Real Techniques.





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