Best Non-Toxic Drugstore Cosmetics Guide

From Revlon to Physicians Formula and even E.L.F., there are tons of safe beauty and non-toxic drugstore cosmetic products out there; you just need to do your research. To keep life simple for you, I did the dirty work and put a huge list of non-toxic makeup that is also from a drugstore. Truth be told, I was surprised that brands I thought would be nearly entirely non-toxic and safe were not and vice-versa (ahem, Neutrogena). And honestly, finding makeup and beauty products that fit the zero to “almost” non-toxic criteria is pretty hard to find at a drugstore (or anywhere), but I did find success with a few brands you already know that don’t have bad chemicals! So, here are some drugstore brands that are toxin free and budget friendly.

Here is a guide of the best non-toxic drugstore cosmetics that rate well with the EWG and Think Dirty by Austin, TX Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

I certainly can’t say that these options are all natural drugstore makeup brands, but they are safe according to the EWG.  To find which products were considered toxin-free makeup, I used an app called Think Dirty (which is pretty strict guidelines) and also checked out the EWG Skin Deep for ratings which I also trust for finding safe cosmetics. If you are concerned about the ingredients that go into your makeup bag, I highly recommend you check out both cosmetic rating safety sites if you are trying to live a non-toxic lifestyle.

You can check out my non-toxic drugstore  makeup look using most of these products too!

When I looked for drugstore beauty products, I made sure they were in the 0-3 ranges for non-toxicity for Think Dirty and between a 1 and 2 for EWG safe cosmetic ratings. Obviously, it’s better to have all of your makeup products near the 0 range for Think Dirty and 1 for EWG, but it’s very hard to do and still get quality makeup that does something beyond tinting your lips a berry shade that comes off in 5 seconds.

And, to be authentic with you in my stance on toxic cosmetics, I don’t claim to live a 100% non-toxic beauty lifestyle. I believe in balance and live by the 80/20 rule: 80% safe cosmetics and 20%, girl do your thing. My 20% is usually eyeshadow and lipstick. To be transparent with you since I am a makeup artist,  I don’t like drugstore cosmetics in general because of the way it performs, but with a bit of searching, you can find a few things that work pretty well.

I am going to map out for you some drugstore makeup that also happens to be non-toxic and safe for you. If you are here reading this, I understand that you are most likely on a budget and trying your hardest to make a safer decision for yourself and what you put in and on your body. I applaud you for that. With that said, there are some thing’s that you should absolutely purchase that aren’t drugstore and are also safe because they just perform better. For instance, eyeshadow is a tricky non-toxic product to buy at a drugstore. In-fact, I didn’t find a single drugstore eyeshadow that was safe. Check out Beautycounter Eyeshadow Palette…they are the best.

P.S- All of my drugstore products are linked to Amazon and I found ones that are Amazon Prime and sometimes cheaper than what you would pay in store.

Why Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup?

Listen, I know that buying a safe beauty product is a thing right now; almost like it’s super trendy. I get it. But, the truth is, your cosmetics are absorbed into your body and some of the ingredients are really bad for you and can have bad long-term effects. So, in my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, below you will find a list of my favorite non-toxic drugstore cosmetics that are actually really budget friendly.

List of Approved EWG and Think Dirty Drugstore Makeup I Love

Here is a list of my favorite beauty products that are drugstore and the least non-toxic. In this chemical-free makeup list, I am looking for cosmetics that are approved by the EWG and have a rating of 1-2.

 E.L.F Studio Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

e.l.f non-toxic drugstore cosmetics to check out with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

High Definition powder and the E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer both rank a 1 for safety with the EWG! Can you believe it? I know, I was shocked too. Now, for performance etc. of these drugstore makeup products, they are ok. You need to be careful with the HD Powder because it doesn’t look so well under flash photography. You can check out the full list of e.l.f non-toxic drugstore cosmetics on my new blog post all about it. It gives you a break down of each product, plus a little review as well.

Maybelline Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

You will be happy to know that Maybelline has a few beauty products that rank well for being safe beauty products. Check out the Maybelline Define a Brow Eyebrow Pencil, Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Powder and Fit Me Foundation. Good news, the Fit Me foundation has received tons of positive reviews, so you really can’t go wrong because, girl, it’s safe foundation makeup!

Revlon Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

Revlon only has one product that ranks a 1 with the EWG and it’s the lash adhesive. There are several cosmetics that rank a two, which is pretty decent, like the Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup and the Revlon Rose Glow Bronzer/Highlighter Palette.  You can also check out the Revlon Photoready Concealer in light and medium which covers really well for annoying blemishes. Also, check out the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks; my favorite colors are Soft Shell Pink Demure and Caramel Glace.

Physicians Formula Non-Toxic Drugstore Cosmetics

For some reason, I always think Physicians Formula has healthy ingredients. When you look up the drugstore brand on the EWG, you will find that a significant amount of their makeup products rank in the 1 and 2 range! I will list just the ones that are a 1 because truly, all of the others are pretty much a 2. I have been a fan of their bronzers for a while like the Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer; it blends really well into the skin and doesn’t have gigantic sparkles involved. Pet peeve. Also, the organic mascara does a fantastic job of making your lashes pop!

Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzers (rating 1 EWG)

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara (rating 1 EWG)

Physicians Formula Powder Palette® Mineral Glow Pearls – Light Bronze  (rates 1 EWG and 3 Think Dirty)

Almay Non-Toxic Drugstore Cosmetics

Yeah, Almay didn’t rank so well on either the EWG or Think Dirty, to be honest. Below you will find the one product that that got a decent rating on Think Dirty, but not a great one for “user reviews” on Amazon.

L’Oreal Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

There aren’t very many toxic-free makeup options from L’Oreal. But, the Visible Blur Blush in Soft Peach is absolutely stunning and worth getting.

Neutrogena Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

I’m going to keep this one pretty short because the options are pretty much just one and it’s really good! I use to think that Neutrogena was a healthy makeup option, but, turns out it’s really not.

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm (3 Think Dirty)

Rimmel Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

Again, there isn’t a ton of products for Rimmel cosmetics that are safe and also perform well. But, you can check out the Stay Matte Primer that gets a 4-star review on Amazon. Also, Rimmel Hide the blemish gets a 3 on Think Dirty and also has Tea Tree Oil and Shea butter in it and has fantastic coverage.

Covergirl Non-Toxic Drugstore Makeup

There is nothing that rates a 1 for Covergirl from the EWG and zero good rating from Think Dirty. With that said, have you tried the Covergirl Ink It eyeliner? It gets pretty mixed reviews on Amazon. Some people absolutely love it, and some hate it. So, I want to give it a try and see how well I think it works.  You can also check out the CoverGirl Tru Blend Contour and Highlight palette for a natural contour look.

Other Budget-Friendly Non-Toxic Makeup Options

  1. W3ll People This foundation stick is awesome!
  2. Honest Beauty Your going to love this blush!

Budget-friendly Non-Toxic Makeup Kit

If you are on the hunt for truly non-toxic makeup, check out the brand I love and am affiliated with now. Beautycounter is one one of the best non-toxic makeups around and every batch they sell is triple checked for safety. In fact, I’ve seen them get rid of entire batches of makeup if they found a trace amount of yucky ingredients like Parabens and Phthalates.  Below is an option for a non-toxic basic makeup kit that will help you get ready in 5 minutes. This 5-minute face set is a great price for only $150 and you get a customized foundation, brow pencil, concealer, blush, mascara, and lipgloss.

In addition, you can become a band of beauty member ($29 per year) which allows you to earn 15% of your entire purchase back for your next purchase. Plus, you also get free shipping at $100 and a free full-size gift (changes every month) when you spend $50 in product. If you need help choosing products, feel free to reach out.





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What non-toxic cosmetics do you love that is drugstore?

xo, Kendra
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