Best Vanity Makeup Lights on Amazon

Today I am showing you the best vanity makeup lights on Amazon that have great reviews, and look modern too. Honestly, guys, have you ever thought your makeup looked ah-maz-ing, only to catch a glance in the rearview mirror and see it’s not looking so hot? I’m totally guilty and I’ve been a makeup artist for about 100 years. Bedroom and bathroom lighting is the worst for applying makeup, which is why the market is rolling out top-notch light-up vanities with mirrors that are actually budget-friendly.

Perfect your makeup with the best vanity makeup lights on amazon for your beauty room with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Listen, you can find some vanity makeup lights on amazon that comes with all the upgrades (color-changing light bulbs and more). Or, you can find ones that are easy on the wallet that still get the job done: keeping your makeup looking ridiculously good. So, if the lighting in your home isn’t awesome and you want to skip the un-blended makeup blunders, here are some vanity mirror options with lights that will take your looks to the next level. Oh, again, these light-up vanity mirrors are on Amazon and some are even prime for two-day shipping! Yass!


Vanity Mirror With Lights and Phone Mount

Austin, TX beauty and lifestyle blogger shows you the best makeup vanities for your beauty room! Perfect your makeup and take it to the next level.

Rebel Poppy Hollywood Style Makeup Vanity

Here’s what I like about this light-up vanity–it has a phone mount! For me, since I make makeup videos, this is a fantastic perk! Also, it’s under $100 and fits perfectly onto any desk or flat surface you might have in your beauty room. It comes with 12 LED bulbs and three adjustable light settings. Also, friends, it’s Prime for you members, so it will arrive to your doorstep in literally 2-3 days.



Double Sided Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Austin, TX beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton brings you the best makeup vanity options on a budget!

Ovonni Lighted Vanity Mirror

Can we just stop and appreciate the Rose Gold color that this cute mirror with vanity makeup lights is? I’m obsessed with it, honestly. But even more, this killer vanity mirror rotates 360° so you can get your best angle for applying makeup and it’s double-sided. It has touch control, memory mode, and two-color lights with adjustable brightness. There are tons of positive reviews on Amazon for this super cute vanity mirror with lights…so, check it out, babes. 

SHOP: Ovonni

PRICE: $78

Extra Large Lighted Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror

Austin, TX beauty and lifestyle blogger brings you the best makeup lights for vanity!

Thinkspace Beauty Mirror with Makeup Lights

I really like the modern vibes of this mirror with vanity makeup lights. It’s cute–has a free-standing base with a tray for your random beauty products, and features a touch-sensor switch to power on, off, and change the light settings. Even better, this pro makeup mirror as 17 bright LED light bulbs for crazy-good lighting to give you a flawless makeup look.

SHOP: Thinkspace Beauty

PRICE: $129

Budget Friendly Hollywood Style Light Up Beauty Mirror

Best budget friendly light up vanity mirror for your tabletop with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Listen, this is not a big light-up vanity mirror, but, it is travel-friendly and budget-friendly (under $35). It comes with an intelligent touch control screen to give you warm or cool lighting depending on the mood of the day. Plus, it’s small enough to fit on a desk and big enough to give you the lighting you need for an amazing makeup look.


PRICE: $34.99

Luxury Tabletop Vanity Makeup Lights Mirror

Lifestyle and beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton, brings you the best vanity makeup lights for gorgeous and flawless makeup!

Chende Hollywood Luxury Makeup Light

This one ain’t cheap, friends! But guess what? This tabletop vanity with lights has over 500 really positive reviews–mounts to the wall (or sits on a tabletop), and doesn’t look cheap either. You can use us in a salon, in your beauty room, in your bedroom. Honestly, babes, its pretty killer in looks, style, and illuminating results for gorge makeup.

SHOP: Chende

PRICE: $255

Under $35 Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Best inexpensive makeup light mirror for perfect cosmetic application.

Modern looking Makeup Mirror

Pay attentions sis, this under $35 makeup mirror with lights has over 900 Amazon reviews and 4.5 stars! Crazy, right? It features touch sensor adjustable brightness, dual power supply, 90° rotation, and has a gorgeous modern look to it. If you are looking for a  light-up mirror that allows you to apply your makeup like a makeup professional (or just to get it done without missing a spot)–this might be the best solution!


PRICE: $35

DIY Vanity Makeup Lights Strip Kit

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton brings your the best DIY vanity light kit on Amazon!

I’m into the DIY thing sometimes. If you are trying to create an expensive-looking makeup mirror with lights, but was it to be budget-friendly, this Vanity Lights Strip Kit is going to be your favorite. There are a few options to choose from like the 16 light kit or the 6 bulb kit–really depends on the size of your mirror and what you’re wanting to do exactly. I am thinking of getting this and putting it in my bathroom, I’m curious to see if it will change my life forever (or at least my makeup).

SHOP: Light Strip Kit

PRICE: $16.99-$28.99

Frameless Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights on Amazon

Frameless hollywood makeup light with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

Okay, saved the best for last. This is truly one of the best vanity makeup lights on Amazon! The price is right at $129, and it can easily transform your desk or tabletop into a legit professional looking vanity. It features three different light settings for cool, neutral, and warm tones–plus, it’s dimmable. It features a touchscreen and memory function so you can easily adjust setting preferences and a USB port for charging your phone.

SHOP: Hollywood Mirror

PRICE: $129

Make sure to bookmark this page for best vanity makeup lights on Amazon. These lights can upgrade a space for makeup in seconds, and, if you’re looking for a gift idea for a beauty guru, this is it! I know for myself, having a makeup mirror with lights have changed the way I can apply makeup at home. I don’t have to go searching for the best window lighting (because bathroom lighting usually sucks) and also don’t have to worry about unblended makeup.




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