Biggest Makeup Mistakes

Here are Kendra’s Tips:
Top 5 makeup Mistakes
1. Foundation Too Thick.
I often see women with very heavy foundation to cover up either brown pigmentation, acne, redness, or acne scarring. The problem is this: at around age 23, your skin cycle slows down and you are already struggling with a dull skin. By adding thick amounts of foundation you not only look like you’re trying to hide a problem, but you’ re making your skin look dull and aged.
One key thing I suggest — not only as a makeup artist, but as a skin care fanatic too — is to take care of the problem that you are trying to hide with good skin care. Then choose a foundation that is lightweight such as a tinted moisturizer or a non-heavy coverage foundation and use a concealor that is the same color and apply to your problem areas. This way you are getting a soft, natural look that won’t look like you have not exfoliated in years.
2. Wrong Color Foundation.
Foundation is such a huge part of makeup; it can either make or break your look. When I see someone with the wrong color of foundation…especially if I can see a line, I just want to save them because it is so obvious! We have all seen the girl who wants her face to look tan so she jumps up 3 shades to achieve that look. Unfortunately it just looks like she grabbed a foundation 3 shades darker.
To avoid this mistake, go to a person who works at a makeup counter in a department store and have your foundation color matched specifically to you. Every person has a different skin color. The goal here is have beautiful skin and have people GUESSING if you are wearing foundation or not. If you want the bronzed look, get a BRONZER and apply to the areas the sun would hit — cheeks, forehead and nose, .
3. Getting Stuck in a Rut.
Sometimes when I am doing a makeup consultation on someone, I can tell they are bit scared of the change in style to their makeup. They are used to seeing their makeup done in a certain way. This is what I call “stuck in a time zone”. Maybe the blue shadow made them look amazing in high school…but now they are in their 40’s and that look is just not working anymore!
It is important to change not only your colors but also the style of how you put on your makeup because your skin and facial structure shift as you age. I would suggest getting a full makeup consult every year . Keep an open mind to doing your makeup perhaps a bit softer and learning different techniques.
One great technique I use in women who’s eyes are looking a little aged is to avoid too much liner. Instead, I focus liner on the outside corners, and then soften with a liner brush to give their eyes a little lift.
4. Using Fingers Instead of Brushes.
This — to me — is a big no,no! Yes I know brushes can be a bit of an investment, but they do last a very long time and can make the difference between abstract art and fine art on the face! Brushes make everything look more blended without harsh lines — especially when it comes to foundation and eyeliner.
My 5 favorite brushes are: a foundation brush, blush brush, flat medium-sized eye shadaow brush, blender shadow brush, and a liner brush. I cannot do makeup with out them!
5. Clumpy Mascara!
I can’t tell you how many times I have to peel clumpy, crusty mascara off a client’s eyelashes .
If your mascara looks old and disgusting coming out of the tube, it most likely is! Go buy a new one!
DO NOT go to bed with mascara on and then re-apply MORE mascara over the layer that is already clumping at the base of your lashes! Please, do me a favor and use EYE MAKEUP REMOVER! This will not only save your lashes from becoming unhealthy, but it will also help your mascara look more amazing when you apply the next day.
For amazing looking lashes, curl your lashes for 30 seconds on each eye , then apply a lash primer. Next, apply mascara that is lengthening and thickening. If you want more lash, wait until the first layer is dry, brush it out with a lash brush, and apply an additional layer.

Makup Artist and Stylist Kendra Stanton has a passion for helping people look their best and says a lot of us are making common makeup mistakes that could easily be avoided.

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