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Special occasion makeup that you do at home can be tricky if you aren’t use to applying bold liner and dark eyeshadow shades. But, if you check out this step by step tutorial and my live makeup video featuring this special occasion makeup look, you will have success with a bit of practice. Yesterday on ‘Coffee with Kendra‘, I created this exact special occasion makeup look live on my Facebook fan page and it was a hit.

As a makeup artist in Austin, TX, special occasion makeup…especially bridal makeup looks, are always on trend. Why? Because people get married and people need their makeup done. While I don’t think it’s a good idea to apply your own bridal makeup for your big day (that would be stressful), you can figure out how to apply special occasion makeup for someone else’s big day. Do you feel me? (Just don’t show up the bride, ok?)

special occasion makeup look with bold eyeliner.


For this special occasion makeup look, I  chose bold eyeliner, a bit of the non-touring makeup trend, and some nude lipstick. I didn’t apply false lashes like I did in this bridal makeup tutorial, because, if we are honest, not everyone likes to wear false lashes. My lashes are basically non-existant, so I chose the ultra lengthening, It Cosmetics Superhero mascara, over falsies.

What I like about this special occasion makeup look is that anyone can wear it. If you have a darker skin tone, you can still do this look, you will just need to intensify the color of eyeshadow that is being used. instead of a pale brown for contouring, choose a dark chocolate and mix it with black. If you have really pale skin, choose a light brown for your eyeshadow shade and keep it simple.

Special Occasion Makeup Look Products Need

special occasion makeup look tutorial with bold eyeliner and nude lipstick.

All you need for this special occasion makeup look is a basic eyeshadow palette that has an array of neutrals. Then you need a fine tipped eyeliner like this exact one I used, some mascara, some non-touring products, and a nude lipstick.

Basic Eyeshadow Palette

Pixi Eyeliner

It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Benefit What’s Up Highlighter

Too Faced Nude Beach Lipstick

Artis Round Brush

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Special Occasion Makeup Look Tutorial

special occasion makeup look with bold eyeliner and nude lips.

For the Eyes

  1. Apply pale shimmery eyeshadow shade all over entire eyelid.
  2. Then use pale pink eyeshadow to brighten up the contour of the eye.
  3. Next use a pale brown eyeshadow and sweep it into the contour of the eye.
  4. Layer a dark brown over that and then sweep it down under your lower lash line.
  5. Use your pixi eyeliner and start at the inner corner of you lash line and gently move it outwards.
  6. Connect the ends of your liner and apply it under your lower lash line making sure to connect the inner corners.
  7. Then just curl your lashes and apply your mascara.

For the Face

    1. Start by applying foundation and concealer onto the areas of the face that need it.
    2. Use your highlighter to highlight specific points of the face for non-touring. See this tutorial right here.
    3. Apply your nude lipstick.

Special Occasion Makeup Look Video


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