Boost your Skin with Swhey Protein Powder

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As a mom of three, a protein powder shake is the quickest way to start off my day with healthy choices and boost my skin from the inside out. Having a good complexion isn’t just because of genetics or good skincare; it’s about what you put in your body too. Swhey protein powder is an easy way to fuel my energy and add the vitamins and the daily nutrition I need to keep my body healthy and my skin happy too.

Boost your skin with Swhey

Protein powder is made many different ways and with many combinations. It’s important to get the right protein powder if you are looking to improve your complexion from the inside out. Good skin care starts with good nutrition.

Swhey Halo Organic Protein Powder for healthy skin

Halo is a delicious new organic plant-based protein powder by Swhey that’s a combination of whey, brown rice, and Sacha Inchi. While Halo tastes like a yummy chocolate milkshake, it has whey protein known to be amazing for skin. In-fact, Swhey has a complete amino acid profile that helps with tissue formation and collagen for healthy skin and ant-aging. Oh, and it also increases metabolism for fat loss and helps with digestion.

Yes, please.

In the morning I add a few scoops of Halo in a blender with a banana, almond milk, and a cup of ice. I also like to add a scoop of Halo to my yogurt, acai bowl or oatmeal for a quick boost of protein. Plus, a little hint of chocolate just makes life better.

boost your skin with swhey protein powder

Detox Your Body for Good Skin

Swhey also has THE ALKAMIST, a powder jam packed with skin healthy and organic fruits and vegetables. Just one scoop per day of the superfood powder can reduce toxins and heavy metals, promote antioxidant defense, boost your mood, plus, support healthy skin & hair. Just add ALKAMIST to your protein shake, water, smoothie, or whatever you like best.

boost your skin from the inside out

One thing that is necessary for good skin is to detox your body from all the junk. Swhey also carries HEALIX , an organic detox treatment in a capsule form that helps reduce and eliminate toxins, regulate your digestive system, support a healthy liver and strengthen the immune system. For the past two weeks, I have been taking two capsules a day and have really seen a difference in my stomach. In addition, any time your body rids itself of toxins, your skin will notice as well. You might experience a few extra pimples at first, but your complexion will love you for it when it’s over. Trust me.

boost your skin from the inside out

One of the great side effects of changing your health is that your skin will notice too. As a huge advocate for healthy skin, I know that a beautiful complexion starts with what we put in our bodies and Swhey makes it so easy to get optimal nutrition and beauty from the inside out. I hope you love it as much as I do!

p.s- Can we talk about the packaging for one moment? I am obsessed and yes, it’s staying on my counter because it’s that pretty.


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