Busting out of your Makeup Rut

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut and desperately need to get out? I am not just talking about a makeup and beauty rut…although we will get to that. Today is Self Confidence Saturday once again and we are talking about breaking out of our molds and trying something new! Maybe you have had the same haircut for 15 years, or have only worn one shade of lipstick, you listen to the same music all the time, eat the same food every day, or perhaps you are afraid to wear anything but safe clothing choices in brown, beige, and something else super neutral.

I am challenging you to switch it up! Don’t be stuck in your ways, get out and try that shade of lipstick you thought would look awful on you. Maybe it will, who knows, but at least you gave it a try!

RECENT EXAMPLE: Let me tell you a story about me trying something new. This week I was trying to be creative and I painted my entire kitchen the color of a bright mint-green chocolate chip ice-cream cone. My eyes are literally nearly blinded every time I walk into my kitchen. It was a major fail and lessoned learned. But, while I am not exactly excited to spend another 8 hours re-painting my kitchen, I am at least glad that I tried a color I really loved and know for sure that it doesn’t work (at all).


If you are trying to break free of your neutral makeup choices and want to try adding a pop of color, here are a few of my favorites.




Tips for Trying New Makeup: Trying out new thing’s like different makeup colors can be scary at first. Maybe don’t bust out a red lip right away…try and ease into it with maybe a bright pink lipstick instead. But don’t not try it on because you think someone will think you look weird. You only live once, wear what makes you feel good about yourself, but don’t get stuck in a rut either, try new thing’s out!


Makeup Picks:

1) Lancome Lancome ‘Le Stylo Waterproof’ Long Lasting EyeLiner Marine Chic

2) Too Faced A La Mode Eyes

3) Too Faced Melted Violet 

4) NARS Duo Eyeshadow Lost Coast

5) NARS Lipstick Jungle Red





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