Brimmed Hats and Sunscreen

Is anyone else completely digging all of the beautiful brimmed hat styles like I am? I have added two to my hat collection, and yes, I feel super glam when I have them on.¬†However, I don’t just wear them because they are stylin, I love them because they protect my face from the sun!

Did you know that 8,000 people are expected to die from Melanoma alone this year? Wha, Wha, Wha, Debbie Downer- I know. But I don’t want this to happen to me, or any of you!

So here are a few tips to keep you safe from sun damage this summer!

1. Get a good sunscreen. One with a high percentage of Zinc Oxide would be most preferred. It doesn’t cause your skin to get irritated like some chemical sunscreens, plus it stays on longer. Also this would be ideal for someone who is acne prone. My favorite is from Obagi, it even has the Skin Cancer Association stamp on it!

2. Make sure to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before you step outside and re-apply every 2 hours. Apply this everywhere the sun will hit, especially your face, neck, and chest.

3. Make sure your sunscreen has UVA and UVB protection! UVA protection protects your deeper layers of skin, and UVB is more superficial. Think of it like this: UVA=aging, UVB=burning. Get it?

4. People always ask if they should be using a higher SPF. This is what WEB MD had to say, “Sunscreens with higher SPF ratings block slightly more UVB rays, but none offers 100% protection.” to read the rest of this interesting article on SPF percentages, check it out here.

5. Get a spray tan so you don’t look so “Queen Elizabeth the 1st.” I have had bad experiences with the spray booths, so I would perhaps try doing an airbrush tan instead. Yes, you will have to get naked in front of someone. Sorry. The price of beauty I guess.


*Have fun in the sun!



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