Budget Friendly Kids Unicorn Party

So, my daughter is obsessed with everything unicorn and of course, wanted a Unicorn themed birthday party for her 5th birthday. Being the good mother that I am, I hopped onto Pinterest (duh) and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of unicorn party cupcakes, cakes with horns, food items, colorful table decor, party favors and more. The cute birthday suggestions were endless, but I needed simple party ideas that were budget friendly and didn’t take a crazy amount of time and effort to create. So, here is Naomi’s Kid Unicorn Party that turned out kind of Pinterest.


Easy unicorn cake for kids birthday party.

Naomi is 5; she isn’t going to remember if I created the best unicorn cake or if it was store bought. She isn’t going to remember much except for that her party was sparkly, colorful, and had magical unicorns everywhere. So, that’s what we did.

First off, you need to know that Target is vomiting unicorn everything right now and so is Amazon. There is literally nothing you can’t buy in unicorn fashion. So, along with this party we did, we also got her pajamas, new bedding, a stuffed animal, and a unicorn dress that she can also wear for Halloween.

When Naomi got home on her birthday from school, she walked into her bedroom and it was entirely unicorned out. I incorporated a few birthday gifts she got into her table decor like the stuffed white unicorn in the center and the My Little Pony stuffed animal on each corner. I wanted to incorporate items that she would use again and then have everything else be a little less expensive.

Here are the unicorn party supplies I purchased from Target and Amazon for this budget friendly unicorn themed birthday party. 

  • Unicorn plates
  • Unicorn Striped Small Plates
  • Unicorn Straws
  • Unicorn Table Cloth
  • Unicorn Napkins
  • Cupcake Topper Sticks

You can get everything in this list (minus the cupcake toppers) on Amazon in a Unicorn Birthday kit for an amazing price with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. If you are looking for these specific cupcake stick, they are at Hobby Lobby.

I also purchased the basics like pink, purple and teal streamers and some metallic shimmery looking string. It added some glam to the table in my opinion.

Unicorn Themed Extras

Easy Unicorn themed birthday party for kids

But let’s talk about the unicorn cake situation. I looked up TONS of ideas like the best unicorn cake ever and then decided that I defininitely had zero time to create unicorn ears and a horn out of fondant. It wasn’t going to happen my friends. So, I popped over to Target and purchased a confetti boxed cake and some already made cupcakes. Please don’t judge me. I know there is everything bad inside…but it’s one day. Thanks.

My mom made the cake and also made some buttercream frosting that she divided and made into several unicorn friendly colors like bright turqoise, pink and purple. She spread one color on and then did the next making sure that they had an ombre effect. Then, we just added some crystal sprinkles and some nerds on the top. Kids don’t care.
Easy unicorn cake for kids birthday party


Simple Unicorn Themed Birthday for kids

On the unicorn themed table I had everything I showed you that I purchased from Target (also on Amazon) and then added some fun extras. The dollar section at Target has some fun items like the tins you see above that I put the straws in. I also got some party favors for $1 in that section which made the gift bags super inexpensive. Score.

Unicorn themed birthday party for little kids that wont break the bank

Behind the table I had a wooden gold frame that we already have had set up in Naomi’s bedroom and we just added the streamers to that. I tied two strings from one side of the frame to the other and draped the streamers. Now we have the frame back in her bedroom with all of the decor on it still for fun.

Unicorn themed party outfit idea thats simple

At the end of the day, this may not have been the most epic Pinterest Unicorn themed party in the world. But to Naomi, it was, and that’s all that matters to me. She freaked out when she saw all of the fun and sparkly decorations that were put up for for her 5th birthday. I will never forget how much she loved it.

Oh, and we had pizza. I didn’t have any other food items. Pizza and cake. Simple.

unicorn themed birthday party for little kids thats easy to do

See how happy she is? Why do we have to make everything so complicated? So mamas…if you are wanting to do a unicorn themed birthday party on a budget, you absolutely can! I did her entire birthday party for under $100. That doesn’t include her dress that is acutally her halloween outfit and the unicorn dolls that we purchased as her birthday gifts.


I hope you guys got some inspo for your kids unicorn party!





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