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Who still loves summer? There is something about throwing on a pair of trendy shorts and a tank that feels very manageable and far less time consuming when having to also get two little ones ready for the day.  Yeah, it might be a bit less dramatic than a fall/winter look, but when a simple outfit is accessorized with a necklace and the right shoes, you can look like you tried just as hard. I call it “simple and chic summer style”.

simple and chic summer style


I am pretty sure that I own 900 pairs of black shorts (that is a bit of an exaggeration). I do own quite a bit of printed shorts too, but black shorts go with everything. Well, black anything goes with everything… thus a reason why it’s a go-to color for me.

Casual Summer Fashion 1


Casual Summer Fashion 2

For this summer outfit, I chose black shorts and a grey-ribbed-tank that I decided to tuck in. Now, I did sort of feel like my mom tucking in my tank. However, if you are really into the cropped-shirts, tucking in a tank is the next-best option. If you are wondering why I wouldn’t just wear a cropped-tank, the answer is really simple: I have had two kids and I need to do a ton of sit-ups. Oh, and I am not 15.


casual summer style in Austin, TX

 To dress up my simple-summer outfit, I accessorized with a long beaded necklace from Forever21, some leopard printed TOMS wedges, and a pair of chic sunnies.

Let’s talk about the leopard printed TOMS wedges, shall we? There are some leopard printed shoes that might be intimidating, but these are not. In my opinion, they are considered a neutral and can be worn with a multitude of outfits- dress pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, bold colors, neutral colors, etc. My only suggestion would be to stay away from other prints when wearing these.


So, now that you know what my casual and chic summer style is, what’s yours?

What I am wearing:

Forever 21 Black Shorts (similar)

Forever 21 long necklace (similar)

Grey tank 

ICU Eyewear sunglasses

TOMS leopard print wedges

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Have a great day!



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