make your own perfume with mixologie

Make Perfume with Mixologie

17d4a36ebe3f9e8e9c7d41a9c8e23d1e9e0c56e3f3991f2ed4 Have you ever wanted to make perfume? Lucky for you, now you can with the Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection. I don’t know about you, but since my personality mood…

Fathers Day cologne and gift guide 2015

3 Fragrances for Father’s Day

If it seems like cologne for Fathers Day is a bit overdone, I hear you. It’s like an obligatory gift of some sort, “Hey Dad, I got you some MORE cologne….

3 Dreamy Summer Fragrances

 There is something about summer fragrances that bring back memories of summers past. Maybe it’s sweet. Maybe it’s bittersweet. Either way, it’s incredible how impacting perfume can be with a…

Fall Fragrances to Fall Over

First off, sorry about my lack in posts this week! To say my week has been pshyco would be an understatement. I think I wore roughly 900 different hats and…