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How To Get: Red Lips

How To Get: Red Lips

One of my favorite basic makeup tips is learning how to get your red lipstick on the right way and apply it correctly. We’ve all seen it done wrong. So, let’s…

before and after non-touring makeup trend 2

Non-Touring Vs. Strobing Makeup Trend

Non-touring is the latest beauty trend to hit our bag of makeup tricks. Like strobing, non-touring incorporates highlighting the skin to give a natural glow and an overall healthy complexion….

The 6 Minute Holiday Beauty Routine

Sponsored I don’t know about you, but when the holidays hit, I am inundated with mass amounts of party invites. Some days there are even two or three parties to…

Nude Makeup Look For Fall 2014

One of the hottest makeup looks for Fall 2014 is to have a nude makeup look. This doesn’t mean rolling out of bed and going to work with your mascara…