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My personal experience and opinion of different cosmetics.

5 pink spring blushes for 2015

5 Pink Blush Colors for Spring

When I think of spring blush colors, I think of varying shades of pink that might be called something like bubblegum or cotton candy. Hang with me. I know these…

review of pur minerals smooth talker lipstick

Pretty Up With Pur Minerals

After a week of sick kids, I am ready to pretty up with some spring flavored cosmetics by Pur Minerals. Luckily I haven’t gotten whatever my two babes have even…

Review of jane Cosmetics

The Review: jane cosmetics

For a cosmetics company that can be found at a drugstore, jane cosmetics is pretty amazing. On my YouTube channel, I did a Makeup Show beauty haul and showed you a…

healthy beauty products to love

5 Healthy Beauty Brands To Love

Last week I got to go hang with the amazing Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup and her sidekick nicknamed ‘Red’ at the grand opening of W3LL PEOPLE in Austin, TX….