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Check out this cute short boho dress thats perfect for summer and spring days. It's flowy and comfortable with a tropical vibe.

Short Flowy Boho Dress

I’m a short and petite girl with a small frame, so, finding bohemian dresses that don’t overwhelm my body can be a challenge. My favorite spring and summer dress is…

Why my husband hates my boyfriend jeans from Topshop

My Husband Hates My Boyfriend Jeans

My husband is usually all about the fashion trends, but when it comes to boyfriend jeans, he is vehemently against it. I bought a pair of Topshop boyfriend jeans for…

Chloe Nile Bracelet Handbag Knockoffs

If you are looking for Chloe Nile Bracelet Handbag Knockoffs, I have a few you are going to love. I searched Amazon for the best Chloe handbag knockoffs I have seen…