The Makeup Artist

Kendra Stanton as the Makeup Artist

The Best Everyday Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to everyday eyeshadow palettes, it’s all about the essentials; nude colors that work on repeat. So today I am bringing you the best everyday eyeshadow palettes that…

before and after non-touring makeup trend 2

Non-Touring Vs. Strobing Makeup Trend

Non-touring is the latest beauty trend to hit our bag of makeup tricks. Like strobing, non-touring incorporates highlighting the skin to give a natural glow and an overall healthy complexion….

Babble Top 100 Bloggers For 2013!

  Oh.My.Gosh! Huge thanks to for choosing me to be in the top 100 bloggers for 2013! I am totally shocked, and unbelievably excited! There have been so many…