(Un) Natural Cheekbone Contouring


(Un) Natural  Cheekbone Contouring


If you read my last post on nose contouring, you will see that the good ol’ gene pool didn’t pass down a straight one. But it did however, pass down some cheekbones. But have no fear, you don’t need to have naturally chiselled cheeks to fake some seriously amazing ones. By using some contouring and highlighting tricks, your cheeks bones will be lookin fab.

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Where Are My Cheekbones?!?




Before we  get started, you need to know where your cheek bones are. To find them, suck in your cheeks real hard. The area that is directly above the area of your cheeks that is being sucked is…is your actual bone. Now that you know, let’s move on.


Tools You Need



What you will need is a bronzer or dark(er) brown eyeshadow, a blush, and and a something to highlight with. This compact from Urban Decay is great because it has everything you need in one place. Then you will need a blush brush, contour brush, and a fan brush. If you don’t have a contouring brush, you could use your existing blush brush–just make sure it is wiped off and clean when you switch between that and your  blush color.

Extreme Contour and Highlighting



Warning: this is contour and highlighting with intense pigment to show you clearly what you should be doing. Don’t apply your highlighting and contouring product this intense…unless you like that kind of thing. If you do, I will pretty much just think you are a kind of weird.

1. With a dark brown matte eyeshadow and a contour brush, apply the shadow from the top of your ear, down in an angle right into the hollow that appears when you suck your cheeks in. Taper that shadow off about 1.5 inches into that hollow area. Faces are all shapes and sizes, if you have a larger face, you may have to taper the dark shadow off at about 2 inches. Also, apply the dark shadow into your temples as well.

2. The medium color you see would be where your blush would go.  Use a blush that is lighter than the shade you used in the hollows of your cheeks to create dimension. With a blush brush, apply the blush closest to the hair line, following the cheekbones down to the apples of the cheeks and then back up. A simple way to do this is by doing light handed circle 8’s following the cheekbone.

3. To highlight, use a product specific to highlighting like a highlighting pen or a highlighting powder. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is not an over-the-top, sparkle fest product. The goal is to highlight…NOT look like Edward in Twighlight when his skin meets the sun. Apply the highlighter with a fan brush  above your blush, and below your temple–then pull it down towards the end of your nostrils. You are basically illuminating above and to the sides of where you placed your blush.


Finished (un) Natural Cheekbone Look


This is a slightly different look than the “extreme” contour and highlighting picture above…don’t you think? Your highlighting and contouring should be soft, blended and anything but harsh for an every day look. You want people to think you have naturally hot cheekbones–you don’t want them to know you pulled a trick out of your tool bag.


XOXO! Kendra

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