Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Eyeshadow Palettes are up for review today and let me tell you; you are going to want to read along. I am getting this eyeshadow review up fast because I don’t want them to run out of stock before you get your hands on these exclusive to Sephora and limited-edition bad boys. For starters, let me catch your attention, I hauled these beautiful eyeshadow palettes all the way to Honolulu with me to use in my Coffee with Kendra live beauty tutorials on Facebook, and they were a hit. Why? Because the Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless eyeshadow palettes are beyond gorgeous and truly speak for themselves. Also, as a beauty blogger, you can never have enough fun beauty products on a kid-free vacation as there is more time to do things like, get ready for the day.

Also, I love the positive message attached to these eyeshadow palettes. As a mom of two daughters, I want them to know that it’s fun to play with makeup, but it’s not an essential and certainly doesn’t define them. The message of being fun and fearless is something I love being a part of because truly, this is what will make you stand apart from others. That’s why I spend so much time encouraging my viewers with inner beauty during my live makeup tutorials. I have been a big fan of the Ciate London cosmetics since they came out, but now I love them even more. Consider me a super fan, Ciate.

Now for fun; check out the Ciate London, Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Eyeshadow Palettes!


Ciate London Pretty Fun and Fearless eyesahdow palletts

Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Packaging

Can we just start with the packaging of the Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless eyeshadows? Sometimes I think cosmetic brands only make packaging geared towards early 20 somethings and then over 60 somethings. I mean, I will use a good makeup regardless of the packaging, but seriously, when eyeshadow comes in a box that looks like a house or an oddly shaped mirror with cartoon graphics…I just feel weird. It’s like when I go to Nordstroms and shop in the Juniors department. Sometimes you need a little less B.P and a lot more T.B.D and SAVVY. You know what I mean.

The Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless palettes somehow relate to all ages, and I like that. But I especially like that when I bust it out, people say thing’s like, “that packaging is cool” instead of, “that packaging is cute.” Does this make sense? Also, I can imagine that if the packaging design were printed into a full picture, I would use them as art in my office. Just sayin.


Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Palettes

Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Size and Value

I am one that loves a good deal on essentially everything. But, as a beauty blogger, there are thing’s that I will definitely pay full price for like limited-edition cosmetic with high ratings that will run out fast. If you peek down below at the up-close photos of the Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless eyeshadows, you will get a good look at how beautiful they are. But sometimes beauty doesn’t mean they are actually anything noteworthy or worth buying. However, these, my friends, are worth more than what they are asking for. I was actually shocked that they were selling them for only $35.00 each. Let me tell you why.

I am a big fan of NARS cosmetics; to me, they are the gold standard for buttery, highly pigmented, and long-lasting eyeshadows. Friends, these are not only just as buttery and pigmented, but dare I say, even better? They blend together like magic and all of the colors are stunning.

With the Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless eyeshadow palettes you are getting 9 really good sized eyeshadows for only $35.00. These compacts are not huge, but don’t be mistaken, you hardly need any of the highly pigmented eyeshadows to create a beautiful eye makeup design. Plus, they are perfect for traveling with when you travel to places like Honolulu and need options without taking up much space.

As far as how soft these eyeshadows are, you do need to be careful because they will break. For instance, they did just fine while traveling 12 hours in my suitcase, but the second I dropped one on tile, an eyeshadow in the Pretty Fearless Palette busted into pieces. That was sad and to be expected for any cosmetic dropping onto hard tile. However, I pressed it back in and it works just fine. (I was lucky that only one single eyeshadow broke out of the entire palette honestly.)


Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Eyeshadow Swatches


Ciate London The Pretty Palette review and swatches

Ciate London Pretty Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row: 1) Bright Spark 2) Happy 3) Feeling Lucky 4) Day Dream

Center: 1) My Tribe

Bottom Row: 1) Lovely 2) Unconditional 3) Dainty 4) Enchanted

Color and Palette Review: For a primary summer eyeshadow palette with a kick of color, this is perfection. You won’t tire of these colors because the combinations are virtually endless, plus it will go well with any skin and eye color combo. Everyone could use this palette.

GET IT HERE >>> Ciate London Pretty Eyeshadow Palette HERE


Ciate London The fun Palette review and swatches

Ciate London The Fun Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row: 1) Into the Blue 2) Crowd Surf 3) Glamping 4) Giggles

Center: Magic

Bottom Row: 1) Shine Bright 7) Skinny Dip 8) Vay Cay 9) Flirt

Color and Palette Review: If you want to incorporate a little fun this summer with your eyeshadow looks, the Ciate London Fun Palette is going to give you that and more. At first, you might be a little intimidated by the bright colors, but just like I talk about wearing red or bright pink lipstick, if you feel like wearing those bright eyeshadows, just do it! Even more, check out my live view tutorials and I will show you how to apply bright eyeshadow colors without looking like an absolute nightmare. (I am here for you.)

GET IT HERE >>> Ciate London The Fun Eyeshadow Palette HERE


Ciate London The fearless Palette review and swatches

Ciate London Fearless Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row: 1)  Goal Digger 2) Fearless 3) Daredevil 4)  Girl Boss

Center: Be Sassy

Bottom Row: 1) Go Getter 2) Work It 3) Fierce 4) Hustle

Color and Palette Review: There is not one single color in this eyeshadow palette that I wouldn’t wear. Hello, Fierce, I want to wear you every-single-day. Also, check out Go Getter and Work It because they are stunning. What I love about this palette is that it’s entirely wearable for a day to night look, plus you can tuck it safely into your purse to do just that. Want my opinion? Get it.

GET IT HERE >>>Ciate London Fearless Eyeshadow Palette HERE

Overall Thoughts and Opinions of the Ciate London Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Eyeshadow Palettes

Well, It’s a promise that if I don’t love something, I won’t tell you to get it. If you have the extra cash and are looking for some new additions to your makeup collection, these eyeshadow palettes are so, so stunning. The good news is, they won’t break the bank because they are only $35.00 each and you get 9 eyeshadow shades. For you, bargain hunters, that’s a total of $3.89 for each eyeshadow which is a steal. You will never find a drugstore eyeshadow for $3.89 that is this pigmented with such stunning color…I promise.

As far as my favorite palette and which one I think you should get, let me tell you. I really like all three and will use all three, so honestly, this is hard to decide. But If you are looking for an everyday eyeshadow palette, the Pretty Palette will suit you well. For something that is both day and night friendly, the Fearless palette is going to be a major hit. If you are like me and want a little adventure in your life, you must get the Fun palette. It’s always nice to have those bright shades on hand when you decide to step outside the box in a non-creepy way.

Again, these are only found exclusive to and they are Limited Edition which means, they won’t last forever. You can shop my affiliate links by either clicking on the picture below, or on any link in this page. Thanks for you support!



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