Classic Hat Rethought

The Classic Hat Rethought

Hats used to scare me because I thought my head would look funny and my hair was too much of a poof to pull one off. Last year on vacation with my family, I wore a hat. My sunhat was large, floppy and gorgeous, but my family just couldn’t get on board with my new look. I took their loving criticism in stride because I am officially a hat convert. I love hats and that is why I am thrilled about the hat options I see cropping up all over the catalogs these days. Here are three of my favorite styles and the when and where to try each one out.


The wide-brimmed sun hat is a classic style. It is best for beach and pool-side wear, but I have rocked mine while shopping at an outdoor market in sunny summer days as well. Another plus is that the large brim provides extra protection from the Sun’s damaging rays. This gorgeous piece is from Gap. If you are not so fashion-bold, try one with a smaller more structured brim.

The next style I love is the cloche hat. It’s close fitting, which covers the whole head, frames the face, especially bringing attention to the eyes. Cloches can be worn for both day and evening wear depending on the material. I wore mine to an outdoor funeral in February and it kept me quite dry. This style is not as overpowering as the sun hat, but be ready to wear it all day because it will mat down your hair a lot. You can find this on at Urban Outfitters.



The next timeless style for us to approach is the fedora. The fedora is traditionally a man’s hat, but the fashion world has been seeing a lot of crossover of male apparel into a feminized form. Fedora’s are consider house hats but will give you some shade from spring and summer rays as well. The fedora on the left is from Gap. The straw gives you a nice summer look, but if you want a year-round purchase go for the fedora on the right  from Target.



Add a hat to your wardrobe this season as an easy way to update your look! You can’t go wrong with a hat.

written by- ReBecca Pickrel (fashionista)

P.S from Kendra: Check out my beautiful friend Kelsey’s hat collection on and her fantastic blog at This picture is of my favorite hat…love it!





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  • Hats are fun and I’m slowly becoming a hat convert! I can’t wait for summer!!!! Also I have some of Kels’ hats and they are FAB! and comfy!!!

  • Great post, Becca!! I have always loved hats!! Growing up, the top of my closet was stacked with them! I was always in Daisy Kingdom dresses and some large, obnoxious hat at church when I was little. HAHAHA!

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